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Any fans out there of SAO? If so, how did you react on that ending in Season 2 though, just can't believe it (not going to spoil but a must see ending)
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@Kirito719 Have you watched "Log Horizon"? I loved SAO but Im more of a guy who likes the strategic point of view more than the action, so if you havent watched it, you might like it as well
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I haven't watched Log Horizon, but my friends were mentioning it quite a lot, but I agree though lol I love SAO as well, but I coil go for more strategic points ^-^ I'll check it out though ^-^
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love SAO, they need to hurry up with season 3
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Ikr made me cry especially when the ending song went on! Pretty good drawing though one day I'll draw Kirito and show you how Indraw cause I can't draw even if my life depended on it CD
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