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What's up guys? It's been awhile I know, I'm sorry. School and been busy with that. I haven't really gotten to do a lot of challenges that I been tagged in lately, but I promise I'll do them.

So today is SATURDAY!!!! \^0^/ and I found this really cool Click and Drag game from the internet. It's called if were in a Kpop Group. You should play and tell your results in the comments below. I really want to hear your results hehe :3

Which label will you be in?

How many members would you have?

What's your position?

Which group will you collab with?

How many years will y'all be together?

Will you have a solo career?

Here are my results:
Label: JYP (Yassss!!!)
Members: 9 ( wow that's a lot haha)
Position: Vocals ( Cool, I can work with that :3)
Group Collab: B1A4 ( I'm so happy!!!)
Years Together: 15 ( Wow that's tooooo many years hehehe)
Solo: Nope :( Oh well, I'll have my second career as a model :D :D :D :D

Here are some side questions I also found online:

1. Stage Name?

2. Idol Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

3. Role in Group? (e.g. 4D, Funny one, Eomma/Appa, Quiet one, etc...) You can choose more than one if you like.

4. Special Skill?

5. Hair Color?

6. Fan club Name?

Bonus: What would your group be called?

Here are my answers:
1. My stage name would probably be something like " Moon Ha ra" or just " Ha ra" ( I think it's my Korean name, I'm not sure but yeah, that would be my stage name)
2. Of course anybody from BTS (Bangtan) <3 ( I can't choose, so just surprise me ^_^)
3. I would probably be the 4D idiot hehe and also the scaredy cat and the most emotional one haha.
4. Hmmmm, I don't know, I can cook? :)
5. I was thinking something like light brownish type color ( even though in the future they'll change it)
6. My Fan club name will be 'Stars' hehe ( Is it already taken? I hope not. haha)
Bonus: I was thinking something like 'Starla' ( It's corny and bad, haha I know ;))

Remember you can tag people if you want. You can leave the results in the comment section, or you make it out of your own card. Tag me in it, because I want to see everybody's :D

Saranghaeyo everybody!! ^3^


Credits to the owners of the gifs and photo.
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I'm under sm ent with 5 people for 10 years. I'm the leader, but I don't go solo. my stage name would probably just be Shelby and I'd totally be with D.O! (no doubt about that). I'm kinda quiet, but I'd be the rational one that still does stupid stuff and plays along. I....can...speak...English? and umm good at math. can say the alphabet backwards super fast. and yeah....I can fangirl super hard. that's a skill. I'd be blonde -- I don't think I'll ever dye my hair. and my fan club would be called The Fandom bc we'd be the biggest band on earth to the point that every one would refer to us as the fandom. and umm my group would be called "oppamarrymeplz"
I'm in JYP with a group of 5. I'm the main dancer. We collab with 2pm. 15 years together wow yes I do go solo My stage name would be Yang Ji Hae. My idol boyfriend would be anyone in BTS, Got7, or iKON. I would probably be the 4D one, the eomma, and the emotional one of the group. My special skill's would be to do this thing with my elbow, I can turn my tongue all the way around, I can do this other weird thing with my tongue, I can put my thumb into a weird position, I can do the splits because I dance irl (?), and there is more I can do I just can't think of it right now. For hair color I honestly don't know I'll do whatever the company wants Our fan club name would be... Snowflake's or Mochi's I don't know what our group name would be xDD
I got Cube Entertainment, 4 members, I'd be the main vocalist, f(X) would be who we collaborate with, we'd be together for 4 years, and no I would not go solo... (even though I'm the main vocalist. Ironic right?)
Cube entertainment, 4 members, I am the visual (Ha! >_< nope), we have a collab with U-Kiss, we will be together for 15 years, and I do have a solo career.