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While waiting for the subs, let's take a glance of what will happen in the next 24 hours!! Don't forget to follow me at
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Thank you! Greatly appreciate your sharing screenshots/written recaps of this and past episodes. You are as awesoe as this drama itself! Thanks again!
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Thank you! what will happen to Hang Ah? it's heartbreaking! I'm excited for the next episodes.....
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Thanks ♥
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thanks for the support everyone! My friends said I'm a robot TT making screenshots and recap at the same time, LIVE. But i think it's rewarding to get support from all the fans all over the world! Next week will be the last week of TK2H though..but I think I will find some other drama that I really like to post here :)
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omigod.... next week is the last already??? i hope about the happy end.. LSG & HJW,, fighting!! ^^ thx sapphire148 :D
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