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While waiting for the subs, let's take a glance of what will happen in the next 24 hours!! Don't forget to follow me at
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Thank you! Greatly appreciate your sharing screenshots/written recaps of this and past episodes. You are as awesoe as this drama itself! Thanks again!
Thank you! what will happen to Hang Ah? it's heartbreaking! I'm excited for the next episodes.....
Thanks ♥
thanks for the support everyone! My friends said I'm a robot TT making screenshots and recap at the same time, LIVE. But i think it's rewarding to get support from all the fans all over the world! Next week will be the last week of TK2H though..but I think I will find some other drama that I really like to post here :)
omigod.... next week is the last already??? i hope about the happy end.. LSG & HJW,, fighting!! ^^ thx sapphire148 :D