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I'm so beyond happy for these guys!! JRE, KML, and Kenny!!


I've been subscribe to Kenny on YouTube for a bit now! All I can say that it's his year!! First Got7 Bam Bam re-tweeted his reaction video to Just Right and said he was funny. Then at LA Kcon he got to HItouch got7 and Bam Bam recognized him and told him "I know you, KENNY...Go subscribe guys!" At LA Kcon he also got the chance to hang out with Monsta X. Like literally right next to them. Then, now at the Las Vegas Made Tour concert! So Jealous but so happy for them!! ♡ If you don't believe me check out his YouTube channel for yourself! 》》 (KeNNy AKM) 《《


Also on the link Instagram up above is Jre's ig Bigbang great experience ;D He is so blessed & I am so happy for him because not only did he get recognized by Taeyang but he also got a great complement from him!! Check it out yourself!!! I'm happy he got recognized though not jealous at all because he deserved it because Jre is such a great guy and so humble. ^.^ I started following his YouTube channel because of my little sister like 2 years ago and he hasn't disappointed me just one bit! He's great! Go check out JRE's and KML'S YouTube channel!! 》》(JRE KML)《《
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Omo!!! Same here! I literally almost cried when Jre started crying! @Roxy1903 😝
2 years ago·Reply
HOW FREAKING COOL WAS THAT!?!? I was excited for Jre!! You bet he must've cried off to the side once it was over!
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@SkullBunneh Right!! Same Here!! I was over here cheering for Jre! I'm sure Taeyang just didn't make his day or year but he made his Life! So happy for him.
2 years ago·Reply
So dope!!!!
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Awww he was so blown away haha nice!
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