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Pretty Little Liars, the teen drama that just keeps on giving (and by that I mean that it goes on forever without any upcoming cancellation or series ending plans), has some seriously stylized main characters. Whether or not you watch or have ever watched the show, you should be able to recognize that Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna are pretty stylish for chronically stressed-out and anxious (for good reason) teenagers. Sometimes, however, the fashion goes too far and becomes a major, over-stylized faux-pas.

Every egregious shrug and belt combo, often worn by Aria.

It's possible that when the show started, shrug sweaters weren't quite as passé as they are now. That being said, there are way too many outfits on this show that have an unnecessary tiny shrunken outer layer and/or belt, unfortunately often worn together. Come on, Aria, take off one thing before walking out the door.

All the times Aria wore something blindingly shiny for daytime.

This blue aluminum foil-like pleated skirt was a little painful on my eyes, especially when paired with other difficult pieces like colorful leopard (her favorite), studs, and thigh-high socks. Why can't she just take a statement piece and tone it down?? Either way, this skirt would land in the "fashion don't" bin every time.

When Hanna's denim mini and fishnets choice rivaled Aria's vinyl skirt choice.

Denim miniskirts weren't even in when this happened. So why when Hanna decided to go out on a limb and try to style, did she wear them over fishnets, one of the most universally questionable garments? Her whole ensemble earns a sad thumbs down, and only mildly overshadows yet another one of Aria's poor skirt choices.

When the gang's school clothes were this tacky.

Remember that time you wore a strapless cocktail dress to school? No? How about a polo shirt turned ruffled dress? Another no? Hanna and Spencer should know better, but they just don't. Aria kills us with her "quirky" (read: ugly) sartorial choices time and time again, but this bright leopard shirt would need some seriously simple pieces to tone it down, not a fuschia peplum top with a yellow belt over it. Come on, girls.

When the gang's colored denim takeover was way too coordinated.

This was one of those moments when the stylist at work behind the show left too visible a trace of her handiwork. Why are the girls so matchy-matchy? Why do they belt their blazers and cardigans to begin with? We know it's layering season, girls, but you don't all need to layer the same way at the same time.

Finally, PLL prom: almost awesome, a little bit too much.

I actually love Aria's cropped top and full skirt, but the belt? Totally unnecessary. Emily's whole look was way too covered-up and awkward. Spencer's dress wasn't as fun, but classic and sophisticated. Finally, Hanna's dress was almost really pretty, albeit bridal, but I hate that high-low hem, and to add insult to injury, she wore the ugliest lace-up boots underneath.
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Oi. I knew I wasn’t the only one that thought that there outfits were a little over the top sometimes. It’s just like too much happening on the show and their outfits. I agree with the prom dresses. Spencer was the most classic and pretty, the rest were too much!