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The Digivices from different Digimon series
The Digivices have their own unique ability for Digimon's Digivolutions. Such as Digivolve, Wrap Digivolve, Armor Digivolve, DNA Digivolve, Matrix Evolution, Biomerge, Spirit Evolution, Beast Evolution, Fusion Evolution, Slide Evolution, Unified Spirit Evolution, Ancient Spirit Evolution, D.N.A. Charge(Digisoul Charge), D.N.A. (Digisoul)Full Charge, D.N.A.(Digisoul) Charge Overdrive, Charge! D.N.A. Burst Mode(Charge! Digisoul Burst!), Digifuse (DigiXros), Double Fusion (Double Xros), Great Fusion (Great Xros), Grand Xros, Evolution Xros, Final Fusion (Final Xros), and Super evolution. But beyond that, there's a lot of Evolutions in the Digimon Series. What's your favorite Digivice and Digivolution? For me I like all of them and the Digivolutions.
I can't possibly choose just one, I love them all
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Me too @Gabby991. I love all of them as well.
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