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If you were in a Kpop group :)
Thank you @xoxoaudra98 for the tag! Here we go!
Label: YG Entertainment! YAS. # of members: 5 Position: Main Dancer! Turn Up! Collab With?: I GOT BIGBANG AND I JUST CRIED A LITTLE like OMG BIG. BANG. Years together?: Eight, NICE. Would you go solo?: I got yes, but i dont like singing lol i can sing, i just dont like too lol
Stage Name?: I will just stick with my name, Ashlee Idol Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Is this asking who it would be or if I would have one? I would say I am open to an idol boyfriend, but if I am dating someone not famous thats okay too ❤ Role in Group?: The funny/aegyo/crazy one, because im all of those in real life Special Skill?: I actually can dance, Im a very good cook (as ive been told) and Im very artsy... i feel like im gloating but i cant tell... Hair Color?: Well my hair is like a light brown, but i often dye it to like purple red/ burgundy color :3 Fan club Name?: Im basing this off of my group name lol, the fanclub name would be Petals Bonus: What would your group be called?: FLOWER cuz thats cute lol
Im gonna get outta here! Thanks again for the tag @xoxoaudra98 !
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