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Just a few pictures (which I wasn't supposed to take it was strictly prohibited, your welcome I'm a rule breaker! ^·^ ) for you guys that couldn't make it or are going later! I jave some videos too but I have to sort through them for the best ones, so ya'll are gonna have to wait for those! I was so frustrated with my cell camera!! It kept going out of focus right before I'd take a pic no matter what setting it was on... grrr. But it was an AMAZING amazing experience and ya'll are gonna have a blast!! @kpopandkimchi @Exoexo and everyone else!
@SabrinaSakura @LizaNightshade @SHINee808 sorry guys I was driving through mountains all day and didn't have service! It was venue policy no cameras or camcorders allowed in and the staff told us as we were waiting that Big Bang didn't want pictures taken during the concert. In the beginning of the concert they tried to enforce it but it was just to hard so they gave up. But during sound check no one said anything about not letting us take pics and Big Bang didn't seem to care at all. So just try not to be obvious of it in the beginning and you won't get in trouble. I feel the same way, I paid all this money for it I should get to take some pics to look back on! ^·^
@DeannaWalker Yes I was and it was so awesome!
you were there?!?!? It was so awesome wasn't it?!?!?!
@KellyoConnor i plan to take a camera in because my phone isnt a smartphone so i wnt be able to take any on im WAAAAAAYup in the bleednose sections so i will try my best to get some good shots and videos as well...looks like you had a blast last night!!!
I can't wait to see more!!
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