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I have had MySpace and Facebook. I think it only lasted for a year with both sites. I have deleted both accounts for sooooo many reason. Mainly because I'm private and I really don't like people to know what I'm doing every 15 mins.
I never liked any of the drama people want to post. Everyone has such big mouths and talk so much stuff, of course, it's easier to write it then to say it in front of others. I rolled my eyes every time I see drama starting. SMH!!!!
I wasn't the type to browse through a person photo gallery, especially if they had 5000 photos. Nope!!! Like I said, I'm private. If you want to know me, ask me. I doubt you will. Vingle on the other hand, it's a site that brings people together with a common interest. We can talk about the interest, share ideas, share moments, exchange information about a certain topic. Vingle is a site, where you are truly being yourself, you can't fake knowledge. If you know something, then you know it. If you don't, then you can definitely learn it here. With so many communities, so many options, I can read pretty much about anything. So I want to give a special big thanks to @alywoah for introducing me to Vingle and to all other Vinglers, keep writing cards. :)
@nicolejb thank you. I really do enjoy it :)
@alywoah correction, I like all my cards equally 馃槉
<3 love love love! Welcome to Vingle I鈥檓 so glad you are happy here!
@RobynHope I'm the exact way. I had fb and I used it mainly because my family and friends were scattered in different states, so I had it to communicate with them. But then I started reading post about fighting and arguing and drinking and smoking and doing dumb stuff and putting up personal stuff, I got really annoyed so I deactivated it and I don't regret it at all. I love Vingle, it is amazing 馃槈
cx I'm soooo happy I found this too. I'm not very open about everything like most people are on facebook I keep it to have a good up date at times with particular people but I font use it much. Vingle is amazing I love this <3
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