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Lable: YG Entertainment Members: 4 Role: Main Vocals Your Group Collabs With: BigBang Years Together: 15 Do You Go Solo?: Yes Oh my sweet prince!!!!! I'm part of the YG Family and my group sings with BigBang!!!!! I could die happy!!!!
Stage Name: Nana Idol Boyfriend: Jin of BTS!!!! Role In Group: Eonma/Happy One Special Skill: I design and make all the outfits we wear. Hair Color: Dark Brown with natural tones of red, purple and blue. Fanclub Name: Babi Dollz Group Name: Rockabilly Dollz (RBD for short) Our style would fit our name. Hope you don't mind but I have tagged a few people who I feel would be perfect for the group. Just say yes or no. @wllmvns @kmeier230 @AimeeH @xoxoaudra98 @Marilovexoxo@SHINee808 @B1A4BTS5ever @Hollyrose19 @VixenViVi Hope ya like my results!!!!
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@glostick you can look on my card but idol boyfriend can be anybody from BTS haha choose for me ^^
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@glostick okay it's gonna take me a bit to make the card, and the way my night is going, I don't want you all to be waiting on me, so name: DalNim I am a weirdo and goober so 4D I really don't have any special skills other than being clumsy and a klutz my hair is black & purple ombre so I'd like that Idol Boyfriend: I have been spamming my first love alot, so it's time for my 2nd ub to be spammed: Sangmin From Cross Gene, aka my profile pic.
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@glostick gosh I forgot to say please and thank you. I'm sorry. /~\
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*twinkling eyes* Can I just be one of the backup dancers? pweasseee
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