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Label: YG ( I am okay with this. ) Members: 5 ( Small group. I dig it. ) Role: Maknae ( At 20? Dang. ) Collab: 2NE1 ( I need to listen to them, tbh. ) Years Active: 10 ( DANG. Impressive. ) Solo?: No. ( I am a terrible solo artist. ) 1. Stage Name? Momo 2. Idol Boyfriend/Girlfriend? OH MAN. I'd so date Jin. No regrets. 3. Role in Group? The Shy / Funny one. Mmhm. 4. Special Skill? Writing the songs! 5. Hair Color? It'd stay longer and black most of the time. Maybe different color gradients at the end. 6. Fan Club Name? Oh lord. I don't know. BUNNIES or something. 7. What would your group be called? Something that the fan name BUNNIES would be relevant! ey yooo @ChelseaJay do this. i'll send you the link.
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Haha. I love it.