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Founded and discovered by the esteemed S.M. Entertainment Company. Thus the K-Fanactics were born!!
With @glostick as the group leader, it followed with me, @Marilovexoxo, @AimeeH, @kpopandkimchi, @DenieceSuit. Just a group of kpop fangirls whose dream was to make it big time.
Even though I'm the youngest I take the scary role of being the lead vocal. But I'm confident in my abilities.
We collabed with Wonder Girls. It was awkward at first but then we all started talking about our crushes!!! They then understood our name lol
Seven years we've been going on. Some ups and downs due to personal issues but we've sticken through thick and thin.
S.M. Entertainment suggested a solo career and so I took it just to try it out. Even though I was very nervous without my noonas it actually went pretty well!!
1. Kitkat 2. Sehun. (Since Jin is already taken @glostick) 3. Loud Maknae who loves her friends to death!! 4. I make sure everything goes according to plan without any hitches. 5. Straight Brown 6. Our little Kpoppers

A special thank you @xoxoaudra98 for creating this challenge. Go check her card out if you want to try it too!!

I would love to see your results @Marilovexoxo
I love this!!! We could take over the world together with our great skills haha and i definitely want to do this!
@glostick Lol its alright :) You were first fair and square.
@wllmvns Unnie. I'm sorry I snagged Jin oppa. But I can let you have him if you want.
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