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Ultimate Bias Day Halloween Edition
@B1A4BTS5ever My ultimate bias is Kyuhyun from Super Junior and for this challenge I'm going to share some of his best stage outfits/costumes! (sorry if the pics aren't that great) :D
First up is sujus classic semi-formal suit look.
Of coarse the SMTOWN shirt is a must to have (I reeeeeeally want one too!).
Kyu is also an actor who has been in some stage musicals (including o e of my all time favorites: singin' in the rain) and here are some of his costumes from them!
Super Junior is famous for its members dorkiness which includes wearing crazy costumes for the super show!
And finally, what all male idols must do to become an official idol.....cross dressing! Thanks you so much for checking out my card and again sorry for the bad quality!
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He's my fav in SuJu too!!!!! Love him to pieces!
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OMG i love this kyu is my ultimate bias aswell !!!!!!
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