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We are in line at the staples center!!! If you see me and @KutieKiKi , Say 안녕!!!!
@Marilovexoxo lol I'll be sure to do that!
@VixenViVi I'm sitting in a hotel in Anaheim just WAITING for tomorrow! I think I might die! lol
While you enjoy the concert I'll be in my room watching their videos and crying 😭😭😭😭😭 Enjoy the concert and have fun!!! Take a lot of pics and videos and everything you can!!!
@SHINee808 honestly we stayed up really late just talking about it and looking through all of our pictures giggling like little girls lol. We were sooo close to like, the second stage. TOP is my ultimate bias so for sure him, but I'm still amazed that we saw all of them so close (they are all just as sexy in person!!!). There was especially one part where daesung noticed me and vixenvivi giving him thumb hearts AND HE LOOKED RIGHT AT US AND GAVE US ONE! I made sure to ask people around me to make sure I wasn't crazy that he really just did that XD. It was just so incredible. And we made some new friends and went out to eat with them afterwards and everything so yeah. So great. I still can't really believe it just happened lol. Like, that was through my eyeballs right? Not a computer screen??
@VixenViVi hope you guys had fun at the concert ^^
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