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This is my first card on vingle.^^ :3 Ok @xoxoaudra98 tagged everyone so... I was like "Why Not"; so here it is. Label: YG Entertainment (oh nice) # of members: 9 ( oh dats a lot another SNSD) Position: Main Dancer (oooh I luv dancing altough I go crazy an fall a lot) Years together: 10 (days a looonng time) Collabes with: U-kiss (Yas ma bias is Kevin) Solo Career?: Yes (ooh how am I gonna manage I'll probably over sleep or something) OTHER QUESTION: 1: Maybe Mi/Lei/Miun (I was thinking of it being my initials or zodiac sign but ironically my initials are CL and ma xodic sign is Leo) 2: Oh ma gawd to much biases, idk anymore (All of BTS/ALL of EXO) 3: 4D/Funny 4: I'm more flexible than normal (states ma doctor)/art 5: I like my black hair but I'll probably dye my hair every color once in a while 6:Unicorns/Pandas/Swaggers/idk Bonus: Xia(eXcellent, Inspiration, Awesome)/Swag (Supernatural/Superhuman/Surreal, Whimsical, Awesome/Amusing, Gifted/Golden)idk I tagged every person that reads this!^^ :3
@wllmvns Mine too they don't know I have social media even this app
@Myaisnotsexy It's ok but can I have ur snapchat
@christianliu I don't, I'm sorry. I have snapchat though. But that's it.
@Myaisnotsexy Hi! Of course we can be buddies. Do you have any social media?~^^ :3
@christianliu Eyyyy, I've been on Vingle for maybe a week. So I'm kinda new. What's up? We should be buddies. Because why not? You like BTS, I like BTS, we're meant to be buddies... Logic.
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