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Thả Hồn Mình Hòa Quyện Với Vùng Quê Rừng Núi Mộc Châu

Cảnh đẹp thiên nhiên hùng vĩ của rừng núi ở miền quê Mộc Châu – Sơn La là điểm đến tuyệt vời cho những du khách thích khám phá hình ảnh của thiên nhiên. Nằm ở phía Bắc của quê hương Việt Nam, với vẻ đẹp của miền quê và những con người chân thành, cởi mở nơi đây sẽ đưa đến cho các bạn độc giả thêm yêu quê hương, muốn được đặt chân tới đây để tận hưởng vẻ thanh bình và yên tĩnh.
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Why Sapa is perfect for a memorable trekking experience
You know, there’s no second place in Vietnam that you can find such amazingly beautiful and unique landscapes like Sapa. This destination is absolutely a perfect place for trekking lovers, who like to enjoy a slow, meaningful and full of surprise life. Surrounded by breathtaking vistas, rolling peaks and stunning greenery, who can imagine that this primitive place can keep its natural beauty, even it used to be one of the most favorite destinations of French while they were taking control of Vietnam (beside Halong Bay and Hanoi). And since then Sapa’s beautiful landscapes have become a number-1 choice for holiday-makers, particularly with Europeans looking for an escape from hustle life by taking a trekking tour. Sapa’s beautiful landscape You can find one of the most popular mountain ranges of Southeast Asia, the Hoang Lien Son, which is always a major part of the destination's appeal to visitors. The range, which is the largest in Vietnam, and especially in Sapa, that has Fan Si Pan, the highest peak of Southeast Asia, which is also called “The roof of Southeast Asia”. However, Sapa’s popularity is not only made from the monstrously huge mountains, but the eye-catching rice terraces and fields that sit below are also a wonder to contemplate. These rolling terraces are the perfect products of locals' creation, which are used to make growing rice more effective thanks to their steep standing which, in turn with granite erosion, has yielded fertile soil and the perfect conditions for produce growth. The terraces also offer something different as the year goes on, with a glowing gold colour emanating from the ripe rice crops in the autumn, a rich green flowing out in the summer months and a deep red filling the fields through the winter. So every moment in a year will just be perfect for a Sapa tour. Beside stunning golden terrace fields, amazingly imposing Fansipan peak, Sapa is also very famous for its mystery. Because the views of Sapa can occasionally be obscured by fog and mist which descends into the area and clouds the mountainous peaks, but the natural beauty continues to shine through. Sapa in its mysterious fog          There’s no way your memory card can be empty once you come to Sapa for a trekking trip. There are so many places in this town that can make you take your camera out immediately and catch the moment. For example, you can follow the Muong Hoa valley dirt trails, up past the hills of the Red Zoa and even into the midst of Den Thang Village H'mong's thick bamboo rain forests. You can then trek through Ban Ho, taking in the many waterfalls that line the region. This scenic trail presents not only a challenge for trekkers but also photo opportunities and gasp-inducing views at pretty much every turn. And as well as Sapa’s unique vegetational cover, trekkers will also be able to contemplate plenty of wildlife during their trip here. There are many forms of wildlife and bird found within the Sapa mountains that are native purely to this part of Vietnam, so these will not be seen elsewhere, with birds, frogs and monkeys among the Sapa inhabitants. But the trekking experience won’t be complete if you miss out Sapa's villages. There, you will find eye-opening insights into day-to-day Vietnamese life. Well, anyone who is planning on a trekking trip in Sapa will want to know what to expect in terms of the city's climate, right! Sapa has a changeable, sub topical climate, with heavy rainfall likely during May, June, July, August and September. Rainfall is at its lowest in December, January and February, with high temperatures throughout the year. These peak during the rain season, with the mercury topping 80 degrees F in September. Average highs during the dry season are more likely to level out at around 50 degrees F. If these reasons are still not enough to make you want to take a trip to Sapa, then you can find more about Sapa's attractiveness, in a good article about this amazing destination. Source:
Vietnam Travel Guide 2017: Best Places To Watch Sunrise
Tourists in general have always been inspired and attracted by the fascinating experiences such as sailing on the river, wading streams, trekking mountains, caving deeply in the dark, etc. Obviously, it is watching the dawn in the early morning has always been an unforgettable experience for travelers. Let our Vietnam travel guide take you to these places to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Ta Nang – Phan Dung The reason for Ta Nang - Phan Dung appear in this Vietnam travel guide is that it is the most beautiful stretch of trekking road in Vietnam. The stretch of road passes through three provinces of Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces with a total length of up to 55km, slopes down from 1.100m height to 500m height. The stretch of road starts at Ta Nang, Duc Trong district, passes through Lam Dong province and ends in Phan Dung mountain, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. At the moment of the first golden rays spread over the grass and the thin mist will make travelers feel like they are lost in paradise in the earth. A little green grass, a little golden sunshine through the thin mist are enough for you to touch the purity of nature. Poetic peaceful morning in Ta Nang – Phan Dung Fansipan Dubbed as the roof of Indochina, Fansipan peak is definitely one of the most amazing places to watch sunrise Vietnam. From the top of Fansipan, visitors can zoom eye away and take in the natural scenery vast, majestic. Dawn image pops up with the rays penetrate clouds floating just creates a vibrant picture, just make guests feel like breaking. Magnetic sunset in Fansipan mountain Ha Long Bay You may find Ha Long Bay is a familiar name in any Vietnam travel guide. Come to Ha Long Bay, firsthand the wonderful scenery here, you will be surprised with the beauty that nature has bestowed on this land. It is an excellent morning when watching sunrise, dropping your soul when the sun peeks out from the mountains. When the sun rays are shining down on the water in the morning, you will be taken aback by the pristine beauty with mountainous part of such a charming painted marine picture. Dawn peeks out from the mountain peaks in Ha Long Bay Dawn light is always fresh and strangely poetic which giving people a sense of calm, serenity. That's the reason why watching the sun dawn become an elegant pastime for many tourists when they can enjoy life and recharge for a new day. If you are attracted by things such as idyllic light, let take a Vietnam tour and let Asia Tour Advisor plan for your elegant moment watching sunrise in Vietnam. All of our experienced Vietnam travel guides will make you satisfy with our services. Please contact us via phone at (84) 4 3926 3858 or via email for more details and booking. Source:
Discover the endless beauty of the Northern Vietnam
You’re getting sick with the hustle lifestyle in the big cities, the stress of work, the same old daily things,… then have you ever thought about a Vietnam tours in 7 days to the mysterious North to get totally new and memorable experience? North Vietnam is one of the interesting highlight for travel adventure in our country. One day, when your legs are tired, when you recognize that a long time you lose something, lose your feeling, an adventure to North Vietnam is a great choice. You will be deep inside in Ha Giang’s grandiose mountains or surf in Lao Cai’s fog. All these things keep your life more wonderful and more meaningful. A beautiful, breath-taking landscape of Ha Giang. The first place where our feet stopped in Ha Giang was Lung Cu flagpole — the extreme North and National pride, about 24km from the center of Dong Van district, was a meaningful tourist destination for visitors. We saw young Vietnamese people came here, put hand near their heart and sang national anthem. Here is National pride which we have protected a thousand years in country’s historical. Moreover, standing in Happiness road where a lot of workers worked very hard for 11 years to build this road, contemplating mountain range and feeling Ma Pi Leng’s pass majestic beauty and shy of the Nho Que river were the wonderful time in our journey. The amazingly beautiful Dong Van in a morning A deep feeling and deposition in the morning when we walked along Pho Bang street– which was built a long time ago and features multi-storey houses made of clay bricks and tile roofs. Visiting Dong Van on Sundays, we went shopping in a very original mountain market where all kinds of goods and multicoloured clothes were purchased; so tried traditional local foods such as corn wine, Thang Co hot pot, Men Men dish beside a big fire with Tay, H’mong ethnic in Meo Vac. Let’s enjoy a simple and warm feeling inside the local people and nature here. Bac Ha market, where you can see how beautiful the local traditional costumes are. Say goodbye to majestic scenery and highest mountain range in Ha Giang, our journey continuous to the beautiful land like the poem and romantic in Lao Cai. Especially, when we came to Bac Ha market where we saw not only the ethnic people sold and bough their hand made: bag, colorful dress, jewelry but also we tried many delicious local foods such as: Corn cake, Sour noodle, Sui Din dish… It was amazing to be deep inside a special foggy atmosphere that embrace our face, our hands in the love market in Saturday night in Sa Pa. Young people who want to get married come here to find their lover. They play instrument, sing, dance all night. So this North Vietnam adventure was offer us fond memories of experiencing daily life of ethnic minority, viewing the natural beauty and keeping our peaceful mind. Enjoying a thrilling feeling in Ha Giang and peaceful feeling in Lao Cai was our indefectible during adventure. But if you think it’s too little for your adventure to Vietnam, then you can take a bigger tour, which includes more destinations like the magnificent beauty of Bac Son Valley, the breath-taking vistas of Sapa,… I believe that once you finish this journey, you’ll surely fall in love with Vietnamese beautiful landscapes. Source: