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So @kpopandkimchi created this genius challenge because she's awesome and creative like that 。^‿^。 I finally have some time to sit down and throw together my squad....how we'll fare is up in the air but I think I picked an alright group.....maybe.
THE MUSCLE Don Mills.....sting like a bee. He's manly. He's tough. Zombies beware.
THE BRAINS Younha.....girl is like beyond Jeopardy smart and she'll have no problem knocking some sense into us of the hard headed, half retard persuasion.... namely me.
THE SCAREDY CAT Luhan.....I had a hard time choosing a scaredy cat.....I wanted someone who won't get us all killed(´ヮ`)
THE SECRET WEAPON Cheeeennnnn!!!! lol The man is fearless.
THE PROTECTOR Mr. Capable for sure. He reminds me of my dad Lol.
THE CO-CAPTAIN Brian Joo DUH!! He's my bestie. He'll be able to hold it down.
@Starbell808 hahaha spank you!! Don Mills is a rapper...he featured on Zico's song, Tough Cookie and Younha is an Indie rock type artist....she's super talented. @Airess95 Thank youu....nice profile pic BTW 👍 @StephanieDuong have you done this yetttt???? @KiKi29 WORD. I had to make up for my scaredy cat.....I almost picked Daesung but I don't wanna die right at the get go.
freaking awesome
@JaxomB lol I knowww....they should be called BAIT instead of scaredy cat (´ヮ`) Jongkook, I'd trust that man with my life lol.
Finding a scaredy cat that wouldn't get my team killed was my issue too. There are a lot of scardy cat idols....and a few I'd probably want to sacrifice after spending too much time with them. I like how you.put Tiger as the protector. He's my muscle.
omg brian as co captain HAHAHAHAH
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