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ㅂ- This either a 'B' or 'P' sound. ㅈ- This is a 'J' but is said as if you combined 'Ch' and 'J'. ㄷ- This is a 'D' sound. ㄱ- This is either a 'G' or 'K' sound. It's hard to tell the difference. ㅅ- This is a simple 'S' sound. ㅛ- This says 'Yo'. ㅕ- This makes a 'Yeo' sound. (Y-uh) ㅑ-This says 'Ya' ㅐ- This makes a 'Ae' sound. (Ay) ㅔ- This is an 'E' and makes the sound like 'bEd'. ㅁ- This makes a normal "M' sound. ㄴ- This is an 'N' and sounds the same. ㅇ- This is either a place holder at the beginning of a syllable, or makes a 'ng' sound like at the end of 'ring'. ㄹ- This is a 'R/L' sound. You combined the two sounds. ㅎ- This sounds like a normal 'h' would. ㅗ - This is a 'oo' like how you would say in 'boat' ㅓ- This says "Eo", like 'Uh.' ㅏ- This is an 'A' and is said like 'BAr' ㅣ- This symbol is an 'I' but get said like 'mEEt' ㅋ- This is a STRONG 'K' sound. Like "Kite" ㅌ- This is a STRONG 'T' sound. Like "Tan" ㅊ- This is a STRONG "ch" sound. Like "CHair." ㅍ- This is a STRONG 'P' sound. Like "Passion." ㅠ - This symbol says "Yu." (You.) ㅜ- This is a "U" and it's said like "bOOt'. ㅡ - This says "Eu". (Ew.) ㅃ - This is 'PP' and is said like 'Pun' ㅉ- This is a 'JJ' sound. Like in 'Jamie.' ㄸ- This is a 'dd' like in 'Dig' ㄲ- This is a hard 'kk' sound. 'Kick.' ㅆ- This is a hard 'ss' sound. 'Summer' ㅒ- This is a 'Yae'. (yay.) ㅖ- This is a 'Ye'. (Yuh-E)
this is really helpful thanks
Thank you I've been struggling with hangul.
@MorganElisabeth this should help you.