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WHO'S EXCITED?! For the um....if you were in a kpop game! Yeah.... made by @xoxoaudra98.......:p No idea how to play it so.....screenshots did it for me!

SM Ent. then......I swear if you guys treat me bad...*stink eye all the way across the world towards the SM CEO*

12 MEMBERS?! Yasssss, more family!!

Rapper! Well den.....I'll need alot of training for this just so you know...

SHINEE!!! *nods* hahahha yasss

15 YEARS!! *gasps in excitement* We are gonna continue riggghht???? Yes? Yes den. We are never gonna end, guys! :p to da haters

I'm still gonna stick with the group, just so you know...........

Additional Questions!! Yea!! Stage Name: 13teen. i like going against the luck. Idol Boyfriend/Girlfriend: *whispers* Is Jimin okay? Role In The Group: The 4D one! haha Special Skill: Can imitate lots of voices! I could do it in real life too... Hair Color: Black with streaks of red!! Fan Club Name: Players Group Name: Replayers Tag you, you and you!! know do the game...yeah...awkward.... @biancadanica98 (Did I get it right now? ;)) @poojas (kwo kwo, ;) @VinMcCarthy @RosePark ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE WELCOMED AND REMEMBER TO TAG ME SO I COULD YOUR SUCCESSFULNESS!! :))
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yes you did lol