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Okay, let me preface this by saying that I am not at my full otaku potential yet. I am but an aspiring otaku. I can still count the number of animes I've seen and the manga I've read on my fingers and toes, but the titles I've discovered I've loved very much, and I really want to find out more. (So if you have any recommendations, please please let me know! I like animes with really funny female characters usually.)
Thanks for the tag, @loftonc16 and @VinMcCarthy! I will do my best!
What was the first anime you watched?

Wicked City - basically the grossest anime film of all time.

What was the first anime you ever finished?

Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) - Sorry for all the blood, but when Tsukimi had a nosebleed on her first date, I LOLed.

Who is your favorite anime lady?

Yamada from B Gata H Kei because she's kind of a lady-perv.

Who is your favorite anime man?

Can I elect Panda from Shirokuma Cafe?

What anime are you currently watching?

Unbreakable Machine Doll (Kiko Shojo wa Kizutsukanai), thanks to one of my Vingle anime friends!

Okay! Now my turn to tag people.. @XxFallingStar (AFOREMENTIONED VINGLE ANIME FRIEND) and @AnneMarieMiller, I want to see what you two would answer with! :D
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@loftonc16 They did! It came out last December. :D @missophiestik I WISH THEY HAD. I wonder if the manga itself is complete? I'd be interested to know who Tsukimi ends up with.
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@danidee Well I have to look this up now. ^^ Thanks for letting me know.
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@danidee omg?!! there's a manga?? if it isn't complete i will hunt down the writer(s).
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I'm past the point of fingers and toes, but I have some good recommendations for you. gore: princess mononoke deadman wonderland tokyo ghoul adventure: .hack/ fairytale rourouni kenshin drama: my teen romantic comedy snafoo too grave of fireflies and last but certainly not least.. epics: naruto yuyu hakusho gurren lagan sword art online all studio ghibli movies log horizon soul eater these are some of the titles that I've enjoyed over the years, some of which are in an anime sleeve that I've started. I love these titles among others and if you haven't seen them I highly recommend you watch them.
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