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So I decided to do a full card about the exo members! Each members' section has a question. Type your answer of the question of your bias. :D
Let's start with Exo's grandpa and leader, Suho! Personally, I love his name. Suho in korean means guardian, so in a way he is the guardian of exo. (: I read somewhere that he was really good looking during his teenage years, so anticipate a card with exo predebut pictures soon. If Suho wasn't the leader, who do you think it would be?
Every time I see Kris' face, I get so sad because I miss his cool city guy concept and him in general. But I am really relieved that he is acting and modeling now. Although I'm not a huge fan of his bald hair style, if it makes him happy, I'm happy. What do you think about Kris' new hair or new career?
Next is the maknae Sehun! He's really serious and has a straight face many times, but he acts so cute the other times. YEHET ~ Whats your favorite Sehun moment?
My healing unicorn, LAY! First thing is we share the same birthday: October 7. YAY!!! And he is sooo kyeptaaaa <3 What was your favorite era of Lay?
Byun Baekhyun(: V's eomma! I love the hyun's family interactions!! Baek is so cute. From his rapping on exo showtime to kkaebsong, he's just adorable!! And his voice is godly What hair color do you think best suits him?
Z. Tao is the former exo member that changed the most. The fact that he learned Korean that quickly is remarkable! I'm so sad when I see him alone because I think of when he used to annoy Kris. But then I see his comeback videos and I feel proud of how Exo impacted him. It made me happy to first see Tao all shy in exo but all man up as a solo artist. What is your favorite feature of Tao?
The happy virus!! I don't have much to say other than HIS SMILE GIVES ME LIFE! But other than that I was really surprised when I heard his deep voice. I wasn't expecting that when I first heard him. Who is your favorite dancer in exo: Kai, Lay, or the Yeoling machine(heh~)
LU-GE aww he's like a cute deer (: I almost threw my phone at the wall when Luhan left because I'm a huge Xiuhan shipper and they were really great friends. I really like his song THAT GOOD!! or something similar to that. His english improved a lot! Are you a Hunhan or Xiuhan shipper? :P
D.O! I love how his live performances are better than his studio recordings! D.O's english covers are literally heaven and I melt every time I hear them. If you havent already, look at my D.O smle and laugh complication card! Do you like D.O.'s acting or singing more?
THE TROLL DINOSAUR!! ChenChen!! His vocals are also beautiful. I don't really have much to say about Chen except that one time when he didn't have enough time to put on his shirt haha he was so adorable!! What's your favorite nickname for Jongdae?
KAI! First of all, I really like the name Kai. I have no idea why I just do. His dances are AMAZING!! Especially that dance intro of overdose Do you like Kai's hair dark or white?
Sad because I have so many Xiumin pictures and gifs but I exceed the limit. Gosh darn it exo members!! So heres MY BIAS XIUBABY!!!! Xiumin is mostly adorable and cute but sometimes hes sexyyy :DD~ If Xiumin is your bias, type marshmellow in the comments!
Thank you for clicking on my card! If you liked it, please tag your friends or favorite exo tags :)
I like Kai's hair dark
The best feature on Tao is his face. From his smile to his cute eyes, his dark circles.
@baozidonut Suho: Uhhhh.....idk anyone could be as great as Suho Kris: I support his new career but ... I screamed when I saw his new hair Sehun:Every moment but especially the drew and Yehet ones Lay: Every Era~!^^ Baekhyun: Purple or Silverish Tao: Everything~!^^ Chanyeol: They're all great dancers in their own way Luhan: Why not both? :D D.O: His acting is fantastic , but his voice melts me Chen: Troll and ChenChen Kai: Why not both? :D Xiumin: He's not my bias but I luv his cheeks ^^ :3
@baozidonut I found a message alert for my phone of Sehun saying Yehet! I thought I would DIE! And as for Kyungsoo, acting, singing, it's ALL my favorite!
I'll probably make a card answering these questions for you lol bc its a lot. But it was a nice card lol. I'll tag you in it when its done :)
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