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for those of you who don't know who this is. this is BoA, she is a very talented singer who have saying the ending songs to a lot of very popular anime shows. Including one of my personal favorites Inuyasha. this is her song energetic however this is not the original video, this is a fan made compilation video of all of her other music videos. If you like the song you should definitely check out the original video as well as the songs that she's made for some of our favorite anime shows.
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If you're looking for older BoA songs, I recommend: Every Heart −ミンアノキモチ- Valenti (Also has a Korean Version) 奇跡 (kiseki) (There's a Korean one) Expect (Only in Japanese) Discovery (there's a Korean version) She has so many great songs on so many great albums, both Korean and Japanese releases ^-^