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Thank you for creating this fun game! @xoxoaudra98 and thank you @NerukaWong for tagging me to do this game!
Yay they have awesome K-pop groups like GOT7 and 2PM, I'll just be another edition!
That would be a little much, I'd rather 6 to 7 people in the group because we'd be just another Girl's Generation and 1 is enough...
Yes, I love to sing and I'm not that bad, I can be like Onew from SHINee and Youngjae from GOT7, that's all I've ever dreamed about!
I don't listen to many girl groups, but I know they are a girl group and I've more than likely heard at least one of their songs but I'm okay collaborating with any group, I'd rather it be SHINee but whatever >...<
That's better than 3 or 4, and it's not to long!
Yay after the 10 years are over, I won't be doing nothing!
1. Bubbles because that was my nickname growing up! 2. Do I have to choose one boyfriend? Fine... JB! <3 3. Cute one ^.^ 4. Drawing 5. Red 6. The Powerpuff's Bonus: I assume all girls group so, "The Powerful Girls" (TPG) LOL I love it I am tagging @RosaArgueta @JonesyonMars @poojas (I know Neruka tagged you but I'm tagging you too!)
Just a lil info in 2ne1: They're from YG but so far we haven't heard of them since the recent year...BUT JB AS YOUR BOYFRIEND! *smile* I approve! You guys have similiar personalities!! :)
@NerukaWong oh that's strange, I know my sister likes them... and awe thanks! 😀