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Kpop Group Game Results♥♡: Meet Camp Squad P.T.M♡


YG of course Camp Squad P.T.M (pass the marshmallows) which consists of Me and The girls @wllmvns, @glostick, & @AimeeH need the best Label out there♡

The More the merrier! ♡♥

This couldn't have been more perfect!!!! I love rapping more then anything lol mini Rap monsteress here♡♥
We are a lucky group of girls!!!! Get to collab with song seriously drop dead gorgeous men idk how we are gonna stay focused haha
Just like Big Bang (they will be together forever) We've been together 9 years slaying life left and right
Every Rap Star has to make a killer mixtape but dont worry I always include my girls in the remixs♡♥

My Answers♡:

1. Mdizzle♡

2. Do you really have to ask...GD♡♥

3. Funny one/ Momma Bear

4. Rapping Duh lol

5. I've always wanted pink hair so definitely Pink♡♥

6. Marshmallows♡


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