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This is my new Fan Fiction Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it its a crazy turn out. working on part two now its going to be call Bigbang: The Queen Daughters. if you want to follow me on Wattpad @neicyfangirlkpop2016 Hope you like it!!! :-)
A new Group "Hey wake up guys you got practice." Manager said, "Come on be for you late." He goes to GD he tries to wake him up. GD throws a pillow at him and roll over. "Okay so you don't want to wake up, Huh?" He said. "Okay don't, I just call YG and see what he will say." So all guys in the room jump up and start getting dress. "Okay I'm up I'll take a shower first." Top said. "I'm next' No I'm next." Seungri and Daesung. "No I'm Next" GD said. "Guys just get dress we have a new group coming." They all stop and look at Chuck. "What do you mean a new group?" GD just look at him. "Yea there a new group coming in the company today so come on and get dress." GD groaned while getting up. Top was still sleeping with mister snuggles. "SOMEBODY wake his snoring ass up please." Taeyang said. Seungri walk over and smack Top. Top jumped up and upped him. Everybody started to laugh.They all went to take a shower. When there manger can in and yelling "if y'all be late y'all know what YG is going to say." So they hurry up and just put on what they had and left the house. They arrive at the studio when YG came coming down the stairs with some new girls. "Why in the Hell is y'all so darn late for?" He ask as he walked to them. Seungri was about to say something but Taeyang him in the back of the head. "Owch man why you do that?" Seungri said rubbing his head. "Because every time you say something it's just stupid." So Daesung walked yup to YG and said "we woke up late, sorry we didn't know we had a new group." YG turned around and say the girls and told them to come over. AS the girls walked over to the guys. You could tell how beautiful these girls. "Hey everybody this the Vamps Girls." normally YG have more the two girls in a group but he wanted only these two on the same group. As you looked at them with their pretty look black hair hanging down their side. When you look in their eyes you see so much beauty and light. You could tell these girls likes to wear black clothes. One girl had on black timberlands a black tank top tucked in with black ripped pants. The other girl had on a small dress with boots heels. They bow down and said, "Hi I am Lee Jin-woo and this is my sister Lee Min-Ski, it's nice to meet you." They look at the girls with hungry eyes. "Please take good care of us." Top takes Jin-Woo hand and kissed it and said "Hi I'm Top and these guys here are: G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung." The girls look at them and smiled. After they all meet and chat they went to work.
A New Friendship
"So how did ya'll join YG ENT?" Taeyang asked. Min-Woo turn towards them and said, "We are close friends of YG and he had heard us sing one day and just signed us." They nodded they heads and went back to the studio. Before they went in and started to walk Daesung phone started to ring. "Hello, Hi my mom oh yes we on our way." He hung the phone up and grabbed Seungri. "Come on dude we have to get going we need to go to my moms house." Seungri was dragged by the sleeves. "So why did Seungri go with Daesung he could of went by his self." Jin-Woo said. "It's because Seungri own Dae for this." G-Dragon said looking at her. "Come on lts talk about music not Dae and Seungri, YG told us to help you guys on your new first album, So lets work." They head in the studio and started working on their new song. "So why did ya'll name your group Vamps Girls?" Top asked. "its because we wanted to stand out then the rest." Jin-Woo said. She moved closer to Top. Top Looked down at her and realize how beautiful she really was. When she went go in the record room to start recording, he admired her body. Her hair was hanging down her back every time she walks her hair would move. He like her back was so cute, love her little booty. As he was staring at her, Taeyang came over. "What you looking at huh?" With a smile and a little push. Top hurry turn around and ignored what he said. Taeyang walked over to G-Dragon "Hey GD what you think about these girls?" GD what looking at some of the lyrics when he look up and said "What you me what I think about these girls?" Tae look at him and laugh. "You know don't you think they are pretty?" GD just laugh and looks at the girls. "They pretty, why you asked that question?" Tae pointed at Top and show GD how Top was looking at Jin-Woo. GD look over at to and smiled. "Hey Top if you want her then go talk to her." GD yell, him and Taeyang laughed. Just as they was laughing at Top, Min-Ski came in. "Me and Jin-Woo are ready so come on quit laughing and lets get started please." She said. She walked in the recording room to her sister. "Hey when can we eat I'm hungry?" Min-Ski said rubbing her belly. "Wait we will eat soon, we just need to get them in a room by their self." Jin-Woo said with a evil smirk. "Okay ladies lets get this show on the road." The producer said. They put on their headphones and started to sing. Top, Taeyang, and G-Dragon was just rocking their heads to the music. Taeyang turn towards Top and said, "Wow they are really good." Top smile and said, "I see why YG sign the, because I would to." They all closed their eyes and just rocked their head. YG came in to see how was everything was going. He saw the guys loving the music. He walked over to them, "Hey can I talked to ya'll for a second?" he asked. They all walked out of the room and went out to the hall. Taeyang look at YG and said, "What's up, what you wanna talk about?" They look at him, "I was hoping ya'll would like to work on some dance moves with the girls?" They look at each other and nods their heads. "Sure we would love to show the girls some moves." Top said while doing a little dance. The girls came of the studio and saw the guys talking. "Hey what ya'll talking about?" Min-Ski said. They walked over to them. "Nothing really just that Bigband is going to show you girls some moves." YG said. The girls look at each other and smiled. "Why don't we go up to the dance studio now?" Jin-Woo said. GD turn toward her and said "Don't you want wait on Seungri and Daesung?" She just stared at GD and smile "Why we have you guys to help out." She said with a sexy smile. "Yes that a great idea, why don't ya'll go up to the dance studio now ain't nobody there now so just go up." YG said. "This is a start of a new friendship." YG said. They all started to walked to the studio. While they was walking there GD look at Jin-Woo and smile. She smile back but her eyes had change to Hazel to red. GD stop and look at her. When they get to the studio Top open the door and saw it's was pitch black. He turn on the lights and they all walked in. The guys walked in before the girls and was looking just looking. Min-Ski shut the door and turn towards her sister and her eyes change color. "So this is the dance studio, I heard its sound proof?" Min-Woo asked. "Yea it's is." The girls look at each other and smiled. Taeyang turn around and saw Them. He tapped Top and GD. They turn around and look at them and became scared. Top heart started to beat really fast, Taeyang was moving backwards slowing. But GD just stood there when Jin-Woo walked up yo him. He saw her red eyes, long sharp Fangs. "W...Wh...What are you?" He asked looking in her eyes. "Let me show you." She said in a seducing voice. She took GD and pull back his shirt and she plunge sharp fangs into his neck. Before he could even get out a sound, she already was drinking his sweet blood. As she was drinking he could feel his body becoming weak, his eyes becoming we heavy, and he could feel his life draining away. He was looking in the mirror and saw her drinking from him. Everything is starting to fade a way. He felt her fangs remove from his body as he fell to the floor. He looked at Taeyang and Top their faces started to fade away. Min-Woo look up at Top with GD blood dripping down her face. She smiled and said "Do you like?" (In Top voice) Top is trembling in fear sweat dripping down his face. She walk closer to him, his back was face the mirror, she push him to the mirror and when she plunge into his neck. He screaming very loud "Taeyang run, Taeyang!!!!!" Taeyang look at Min-Ski as she walks closer to him. He starts to run before he could she had jumped on his back and plunge her Fangs in his neck. He screamed. Now all you could hear is the sound of sucking blood. They dropped their bodies in the floor and said "What A great new friendship." They walked out and shut the door. All you could see was there dead bodies laying on the floor. What a great why to start a New Friendship.
A New Life
Jin-Woo and Min-Ski walked away from the studio doors. They could hear the guys hearts beat stop, they smiled as they walked away. "What now Jin-Woo?" Min-Ski asked. "We wait until they wake up, it's won't take that long." She said. Everything was black, as they started to open their eyes. Top tried to stand up and look for the light switch. When he found it and turn it on, eyes begin to burn. "DAMM!!" He said, as his eyes started to adjust to the light. When could see he saw GD, and Taeyang on the floor laying. He tried to walk to them but felt this Unbelievable pain in his stomach, he was still going to GD. He start to shake him to get him up. GD body wasn't moving like a dead body. "GD wake up, come on wake up!!" He yelled. He looked around and saw that they was still in the dance studio. He moved away from him and went to look at his self in the mirror. As he was doing the pain came back and fell down in unbelievable pain. He felt his whole body in pain couldn't get up. He closed his eyes to ease the pain but that didn't help. His mind started to become dizzy. Taeyang started to wake up, you can hear him groan and moan as he moving. Top finally look in the mirror and is in shocks what he sees. Top eyes was a dark red color his skin was pale as snow when he moved his lips he saw his fangs. Before he could freak out he heard Taeyang. He turn around and walked over to him. "Tae are you okay?" He asked. Taeyang opens his eyes and saw Top face. He screamed and move away from him. "What the hell with your eyes." He said. "I don't know either, all I know is waking up here after what those girls did to us." Taeyang look over at GD and crawled to him. He tried to wake him up but he couldn't. "What's happen to GD why is his body like that and why are we like this." Top just look at Taeyang and wonder the same thing. Taeyang went to the mirror and saw his face and freak out. "What the fuck is wrong with my eyes why are they red, and what the fuck are these fucking fangs." he said. GD started to groan and coughing. Top, and Taeyang went over to GD. When GD open his eyes his eyes was a different color then the both of them. GD eyes are all black with a red dot in the middle. They just look at him as he was getting up. "What the fuck is wrong with your eyes GD." GD look at them as they was crazy and got up and look t his self and scream. "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" He said. "Why are my eyes this color and why in the hell ya'll look like those guys from twilight." As they was freaking and screaming trying to figure out how this happen. Jin-Woo and Min-Woo walks in with three fangirls. "Well all you need is just something to stop your hunger." Jin-Woo said. They look at the girls. "What the fuck you do to us, and what the fuck do you mean stop our hunger?" Both girls laugh and look at them. "Why don't you guys have something to eat first then I'll tell why you like this, and why you stomach hurts so much." Jin-Woo said. While look at Min-Ski and Jin-Woo the guys saw some girls behind them. One of the girls came up and said, "Hi, I'm a big fan of you." She said walking up to GD. He could smell her blood, he could hear her heart beat as she was talking to him. Something inside him wanted to rip that girl throat open. The whole time she was talking he was just looking at her neck. When he look at her she saw how cute and innocent she was. "Please take her out of here I can't don't want my fans to see me like this." he said. But before he could look at Jin-Woo, she came behind the girl and cut her throat. All three guys reacted to the smell of blood. GD look at the girl as she hold her neck, and all he could think about was draining her. He walked up to the girl, grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her head back. He sunk his fangs in her neck, while she was screaming. The other girls saw what had just happen and tried to run. Top saw one running closer to the door and chase after her. Before the girl could get to the door Top was already there. He walked closer to her as she was walking backwards away from him. All she could see was hunger in his eyes, she started to scream in fear. she turn around and tried to run away again, but Top pull her by her hair and sunk his fangs in her neck. She screamed as Top was taking her life away. The other girl that was running away went in to the corner as he was walking to her. She scream when he plunge his fangs in her neck. Jin-Woo and Min-Ski was smiling while they was watching them feed. "Well our work here is done." Min-Ski said as she look her sister. "No, we still have to tell them what they are." Jin-Woo said. Min-Ski gave her a look and just nod her head. The girls turn back and watch. GD dropped the dead girl body on the floor and look up with his scary eyes at Jin and Min. He had blood dripping down his face. He gave a bad boy smile. Top watch as the girl dead body just laid there, he smile at GD and walk towards him. Taeyang moved away from the dead girl and lift his head up and smiled. He turned around with blood just dripping from his face. "Well it's like ya'll like your dinners." Jin laughed. GD came closer to her and smiled, "I'll love to have you for dinner." He said licking his lips. "So do ya'll wanna know what you are?" Min asked. "Yea we wanna know What the hell we just did." Top said. "Well if you don't know already you guys are vampires." Jin said. "I can tell from GD eyes that he already have ancient blood in him." She said. GD look at her, "What you mean I already have ancient blood and what you mean we are vampires?' like Dracula?" He asked. She just nod her head and smiled. Top was looking at both of the girls as if they was crazy. "Well yes like Dracula, what I mean about GD having Ancient blood means that some where down his bloodline. His ancestors was pure blood vampires that why his eyes are a different color then yours." she said. "What happen to the bodies and why was blood so good?" Taeyang asked. "It's because you're a vampire you need blood to survive, and don't worry about the bodies we got that." They was in shock that they just killed three girls and felt good about it."Dae hurry up before we are let to teach the new girls how to dance." Seungri yelled. "I'm coming I got to say good bye to my mom." Daesung yelled back. Daesung kiss his mom good bye and ran to the car. "So YG wants us to help the girls with some dance moves?" Daesung asked. Seungri nods his head, "Yea he said that we were always so nice to new trainee that it would be good, plus they asked for use anyway so yea." Daesung just nods his head. Seungri pulls out of the drive way and start driving down the street. The 2ne1 was as they was rocking to Pandora. While rocking out Seungri phone rings. "Hello?" he answer. "Uhm, yes sir will do, thanks by calling." Daesung look over at him asked "Who was that?" Seungri hung up the phone and put the music back on. "YG said we don't have to go to the studio we can just go to the dorms." He said. "Why I though we have to show Vamps Girls how to dance?" Dae look at him, "Oh Taeyang and them showed them some moves so we don't have to." He said. Seungri just drove home. They pull up in the drive way and got out of the car. When they came in the house and saw Top, Taeyang and GD sitting on the couch. "What's up man how was momma house." Taeyang teased. "It's was cool to see my mom." Dae said. When Dae was looking at his friends he been sing and living with, he saw something different about them. Seungri just went straight for the frigerator, "Shit I'm hungry what to eat." Seungri said looking in the frig. Dae just walked to the couch and look at his friends and wonder what's so different about them. "So what ya'll be up to?" Dae asked. All three of them look at each and said "Starting a new life."
A New Transition
The house was dark and everybody was sleep. The front door open, as you can hear foot steps. "Shhh.. be quite." Seungri said. The lights came on and Daesung was standing there. "What the hell guys it's three in the morning." He said. Daesung was still half of wake when he realize Top, Taeyang, and GD was there too. "Why are you guys just coming in this late?" He asked. Top shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know we lost track of time, calm down bro." Taeyang said. GD walked to the bathroom, Taeyang went to his room, while Top sat on the couch look at shows. "Something is weird with you guys." Dae said. "What is weird with them?" Seungri asked. Dae was looking at Top and just thinking that something is weird with his friends. He couldn't put his finger on it. He just couldn't believe that his friends had been party and going to clubs for three weeks straight. He really confuse about it, he just shakes his and goes to his room. The sun is glaring through the curtains in to Seungri hung over face. "UGH!!! can somebody tell the sun to go down today." He said with the covers over his face. "Come on sleepy head we have to go to the studio today and work on our new album." He pulls the covers off Seungri and start messing with his body. Seungri yells and laughs as he was messing with him. "Is Top, Tae, and GD up?" Dae look at him, "Yea they in the living room watching t.v." Seungri gets up and heads to the shower. "I'll be in the shower if you need me." He said closing the door.They walked in the studio ready to work when YG came down stairs, "He guys how was your weekend?" Top nodded, Taeyang just shrugs his shoulders, GD was thinking, Seungri and Daesung said, "Well its was just another weekend, We ready to work." YG laughs and walk with them to the studio. He turn towards them, "The Vamps Girls want be working with us no more." He said. They all look at him, "Why won't they be working with us no more?" Top asked. "Because that quit, they said that they job here was done, and that ya'll know what to do." Top, Taeyang, and GD looked at each other and smile. They knew what they mean about that. "I don't know what they mean." Daesung said. They walked in the studio to work on their new song. But something Daesung just don't get. What did those girls mean? He was asking his self. He just shrugs his shoulders and went to work.YG was in his office writing some documents for their new album. When Daesung came in. He knock on the door, "Hey, you got a minute?" He asked. YG look at him, "Yea sure come in and sit down." Dae walked in and sat down in the chair next his desk. YG office was pretty big, his desk was a glass desk that's you could see through. His room have that loveable sense to it. YG looked at Dae, "So what up?, what's on your mind?" He asked him. YG can tell when something is wrong with his boys anytime of day. "Nothing really its just that the guys have been a little strange.' I mean Seungri I have been his self but the other no." Dae said. YG sat back in his chair, he look at Dae "What you mean they have been strange?" He asked. Daesung got up from his chair and started to walk around the room. He scratches head, "It's just lately Top, Taeyang, and GD have been going out every week. They don't come home until three o'clock, they are not like that's." He said. YG just laugh and smile. "It's because they have been working very hard. Sometime you need to broke lose." Dae look at him like he was crazy. "I don't understand." YG laugh again. "What I'm trying to say is they are just having a little fun, there nothing to worry about okay." Dae started to realize that they have been working very hard. (Well I guess we have been working very hard.) He thought. He turn and work out of YG office.The guys was done at the studio, by time they got home it's was eight pm. Top went to the tv, Seungri and Taeyang went to go play the game, and GD was listing to music. Daesung can in the house, "Hey we should go out tonight." Everybody look at him, they nods their head. "Sure we had never been out in while together." Seungri said. Top, Taeyang, and GD nods their heads and go get ready. Everybody was washed up and ready to go. They had decided to get on of a company fan to take them to the club. They know that they will be drinking. "Come on the van is here." Seungri yells. They all walked out to the van. Top had on black jacket with a black shirt, some black jeans, and all black vans. Taeyang had on something similar to what Top had on, but his pants was a dark red. GD had on all red to match his hair. Seungri had a nice shirt with some white jeans. Daesung had on blue button up shirt black skinny jeans.They had arrived at this hot club call Dark Knight. You know that's club was hot by how many people was standing out side. All you as was hot girls with short dress that's showing most of their legs. Some had on clothes that was showing their bodies. When Bigband came out of the van everybody went crazy, yelling and screaming. The body guard had let them in, and when they walked in the club they saw the club pack as hell. Everybody was dancing on each other girls was shaking their booty. Some of their was dropping it like it's hot. The owner of the club came over and showed them to VIP section. "Right this way please." He said as he met them at the door. They follow the owner to the VIP section. The VIP section have really big booths were they have those bread doors that hangs. Booths where red and black you could probably fit ten people in there. "Here are you seats hopes you enjoy your time here, first round is on the house." The owner said. Top just look at him and smiled. "I'm go and dance with some ladies." Seungri said. "Well we'll go with you bro." Taeyang said. They got up and went to the dance floor and dance with some ladies. Having fun dancing with some ladies. Having a few drinks, and having fun. Daesung look around the dance floor for Taeyang, Top, and GD. He couldn't find them. He saw Seungri dancing with a couples of girls and walked over to him, "Hey you know where the guys went?" He asked. "I don't know probably went back to VIP." Seungri said. Dae went to go find them. He went to the VIP room where you take girls to talk to more or just to hook up. He walked right through do to the VIP rooms and on his left he saw them. He was about approach them then he saw them with a girl. He went behind the wall to see what was they doing. He saw Top and Taeyang on the girl neck. He also saw GD on her wrist. He didn't know why they be like that on a girl like. Until he saw GD lift his head, and saw his black eyes, bloody fangs, and the blood dripping down his face. He was in shock when he saw his best friends feeding on a girl. He stood there watching them feed on her, until so body call his name loud and he turn around to see who it's was. Nobody was there, but when he turn back around to see his friends. He saw GD looking directly at him. He jumped in fear when he saw GD. Taeyang and Top saw him too. He turn around and when to go get Seungri to leave. This is the first time Daesung was scared of his life. This is his friends new transition, and he needs to get the hell out of there.
A new World
The club is hot, everybody dancing having a good time. Seungri was dancing with this two twins and he was loving it. Until Daesung come and took him by the arm and drags him away. "Daesung what going on why did you just do that." Seungri said. He look at Dae and saw fear in his eyes. Daesung was running trying to get past these people in the club. "We just need get the hell out of here." Dae said. His voice was a shaking. Seungri wanted to stop him and calm him down but he couldn't. Dae look back through the crowd to see can he see them. When he saw Taeyang, he jumped and started to move faster. Seungri is getting scared he don't know what to do. Top and GD was still on the VIP section when Taeyang left. "I guess we can share what we are with Dae." Top said. GD was kinda of sad, he didn't want Dae to see him like that. He wanted tell his best friend, he wasn't going to turn him. Now that's Dae saw what he was he knew what he have to do. He and Top left the dead girl body there and went after Dae and Seungri.BTS dope came on in the club and the dance floor started to crowd up. It's was harder for Seungri and Dae to leave. But when Dae turn around again he saw not only Taeyang again but Top and GD. He really got scared and hold on to Seungri as hard as he could. Seungri was really becoming scared. He started to feel pain in his arm for Dae squeezing it to hard. Finally they reach the doors to the club and ran out. When they got out they saw that the van wasn't there. "Whats going on?" Seungri asked out of breath. Dae was even more scared that the van wasn't there. He was out of breath and didn't know what to do. When he look back at the club's doors he saw GD walking up to the doors. He grabbed Seungri and ran down the alley. They was half way there, when until GD and Top came out of nowhere. Dae stop and look straight at his friend. Finally Seungri was mad that they ran from nothing and snatch his arm away. "What the fuck man?" He said. "I was having a good time until you came and took me away. I really though something about was happening the way you grabbed my arms." Seungri said angrily. "Yea we were having fun." Top said. GD look at Dae with his beautiful brown eyes. Right now Dae don't see his best friend. He look at Seungri and said, "They are vampire Seungri." Dae said. Seungri look at Dae as if he was crazy. "Vampires them no fucking way." He said pointing at Top and GD. Seungri move away from Dae and started to walk away. When Taeyang grabbed him by the throat and slammed him on the brick wall. "WHAT THE FUCK MEN?" Seungri said. Taeyang look at Seungri, "So you don't believe in vampires? Let me show you." Taeyang look down and close his eyes. When he lifts his head, Seungri heart started to beat really fast. His hands became sweaty. His eyes widened, Taeyang red eyes was looking at him. His fangs was showing though his mouth. Top and GD walked over to Seungri, GD look back at Daesung, "We going to show you what we really are." He said. Taeyang was the first to bite in to Seungri neck. Seungri screamed. Then Top went to his other side of his neck and bit him. GD took his wrist, and showed Daesung his fangs going in to Seungri flesh. Daesung watch as blood started to drop from Seungri. Seungri was screaming and crying begging them to stop, "Stop.. please stop." He said losing conscience. Dae was so afraid that he wanted to run but his legs wouldn't let him. When his mind had finally realize what was his friends doing, he turn around and ran as fast as he could. GD lifts his head his head and saw him running. He smiled as he saw his friend run. (Now you know what we are.) He said to his self. He went back to drinking Seungri blood. Seungri stop screaming he start to fade out. He close his eyes as he felt his friends feeding on him. They top drinking his blood when his heart stop. His body fell to the ground. "Welcome to the group bro." Taeyang said. They pick up his body and started to walk towards the van.The van took them to this abandoned house. "Thanks man for talking us." Top said to the driver. They got out of the car, and walked in side. From the out side the place looks creepy but on the in side the place looks nice. They had nice walls, beautiful furniture. They too Seungri and took him down stairs to the basement. When they went down stairs, Top turn on the lights, and some girls that was tied up was crying. GD walked over to them and squat down, "Don't be afraid my pretty ladies, We just need one of you gals to help out my friend who's on the floor right there." He said pointing at Seungri. Seungri was unconscience laying on the floor. His neck had bits marks. GD took one of the girls by her hair, and pull her to Seungri. He took his knife and cut the side of her neck to wake up Seungri. Seungri was still unconscious he smelled a sweet scent. He couldn't put his mind to it. He started to wake up. He look around and saw Top, Taeyang, and GD standing there in front of him. When he look at the girl in front of him he started to get this pain in his stomach. He look at his friends and wonder what's going on. Top got down and said, "Don't she looks good to eat. Don't worry the pain you feel is just what we went through. All you have to do is drink her blood and the pain will go away." Seungri look straight at him as if he was crazy. He shook his head , and started to move away. He was scared even move then before, but when he look at her neck, something inside him wanted him to kill her. He kept trying not to kill this girl he don't know. Taeyang got tired of waiting on him to feed. He grabbed the girl and took GD knife and cut her again. He took the knife over to Seungri and lift his head. He let some of the blood from the knife fall. Seungri tried to resist him but couldn't. When some of the blood fell in his mouth. He couldn't get enough of that taste. He wanted more, his eyes turned red, and his fangs showed. He got up and grabbed the girl and bit her. She scream out loud. He drained her dry. He let go of her dead body and let it fell to the floor. He look up And felt like a new person. He liked this feeling, he looked at his friends and smiled. He can't wait to have more. They were happy that Seungri was one of them now. They went up stairs, when they got to the living room they saw the girls from Vamps Girls and another girl. "Whats up? I though y'all was coming back?" Taeyang said. The girls look at them and smile. "Yea we missed you." Jin said. The other girl that was with them was a pretty brown skin woman. She had long black hair, beautiful brown eyes. She had she has curves like Beyonce. She walked in between Taeyang and Jin, "I need you guys to find somebody for me." She said. "Why should we find somebody for you?" Top said. "Because she your queen." Min said. They all felt like they wronged her and bowed down to her. "Sorry for being rude your highness, Who would you like us to find?" Top said. She look at them, "My daughter's." She said as her eyes turn dark red.Dae was still running, he was so scared that he couldn't stop running. He kept looking back wondering if they was chasing him. He ran to this house. He kept knocking at the door. Screaming, "somebody help me please." A girl open the door. "Why are you knocking at my door like you crazy, do you know what time it's is?" She asked. He was sweaty and couldn't get out the words to tell her. She turn around "UNNI!! Their a crazy guy here." She said. The young lady came around the corner to see who she was talking about. "Who at the door this time of ni.." She said. He look at Dae and was shocked "OMG your Daesung from Bigbang right?" He nods he head, "Come on in I'm Aimee, and this is my younger sister Neicy." She said. Dae was happy they let him on their house. "Neicy go get some tea." She said. "Whats going on?, Why are you got of breathe?" He turn and look at her and said, "A new world." He said she didn't understand what he meant but she wasn't letting him leave until he okay. She let him lay down until he get some rest. He was thing about how he going to work with his friends knowing what their are. He wondering how he going to live in this new world
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just wait until your read queen daughters
@DeniseiaGardner can't wait lol
I already tag you in it
kk tnx for d tag will check it out
wow this so fucking awsome I love vampire's and BIGBANG so this is just πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’lol typical Seungri to be clueless lol and GD to have ancient blood in him cool Taeyang being so rough lol Oooooo and Justin imagining T.O.P as a Vampire all of them like that daaammm drives me crazy. can't wait to read more