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When I first started watching fairy tail a couple months ago I was so captivated by Natsu, but then came Gray and I didn't know who I liked better. And to this day I still haven't decided.. They're both just so awesome, fairy tail itself is ridiculously awesome.
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I honestly just love every character because it wouldn't be the same if they weren't apart of Fairy Tail. Natsu is just a natural favorite because he's the main character really.
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@mdragneel that is true, but I mean out of the two main characters idk who I would choose. I love every single one of them but my all time favorite is probably Rogue or Laxus maybe even doranbolt just in general .
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I literally only took about a week and a half to two weeks to get caught up to Fairy Tail and I just fell in love with each character it's really hard not to. I don't think you really have to chose though. Because as fans of the show we're entitled to our own opinions and all, but Hiro is the mastermind behind it all so what he says goes xF
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@mdragneel same, it took me about 5 days to a week to get caught up as well, and I also fell in love with each character and their story it's just that I like having a favorite to anything whether it's anime, a show, book or band member. At the end of the day I love them all to pieces hahah.. but yes I agree he is the mastermind. (:
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I'm so thankful for people like Hiro who are like amazingly talented and love their fans dude. Plus all of the shops are canon soooo yay! 馃榿
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