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In addition to this, my mom used to drench me rubbing alcohol and made me bundle up in a layer of clothing when I was sick. I don't know if it truly worked (probably not!?) but I definitely could have been a fire hazard. ;(
Bahahah this reminds me of my grandma who was raised in Mexico. She was big on the vaporub on my chest ever time I was sick,
@alywoah mine didnt but my husband's mom did.That's my first time hearing about it.I know of irresponsible mothers giving their babies alcoholic beverage to make them sleep thought the night so they can go out and have fun.It always ends in disaster
it's the Jamaican's way too
@alywoah We've never done the alcohol treatment. (It can be dangerous, too, Aly's Mom!) My family IS all about drinking alcohol (whiskey or rum) when you are sick. They'd even put a tiny amount in apple juice for kids. Lol, crazy, I know, but it'll reduce a sore throat and cough and it breaks up mucus. We Do, however, put rubbing alcohol on cold sores. That does work!
Ha! It's the same for my family (Cherokee). My grandma used to make a natural version and send it home with everyone. Now that she has passed, we have to buy it. Between our entire family, we probably keep them in business. (My dad is one of 15 kids.)
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