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Oh it was so fun, so good, so exciting! Just amazing...... Seeing GD, Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung, and ❤ TOP ❤.
Here is some pics of the stage from where I was. Sorry ahead of time because most are blurry.
Alright everyone here is some video I took. Also please ignore my attempts at singing along, most of it is incoherent so.... Anywho most of them are less than 20 seconds but I think I recorded all of 'Bae Bae'. Fantastic Baby was supposed to be the last song, but they played two songs after, and my phone died....
More videos Ignore me or the person next to me singing in the first video, it's horrible.
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@infinitysmiles I know! That was me with TOP. Although I fangirled with the other members as well, TOP is my bias. XD
@loftonc16 TOP's Doom Dada performance was AWESOME! it was such a light show 😲
@infinitysmiles I know! I loved every minute. It funny because they were my first concert and I can't wait to see them again, although it will be a while.
@loftonc16 The next step is to watch their concert in Korea, their homeland :D That should def be something!
@infinitysmiles Yeah after it goes on YouTube or something definitely