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I’m never really a fan of breaking the law. But I am a fan of a good playlist that make you super pumped and ready for a drive. Here are 5 songs that get me pumped for driving fast and being a real badass. (which for me is maybe like 2 mph over the speed limit...)
Challenge by my buddy @InPlainSight, Original Challenge by @Arellano1052 Songs That Make Me Drive/Ride Over Speed Limit.

1. Drunken Lullabies- Flogging Molly

I grew up listening to Irish music. My dad is a big fan of the especially Irish drinking songs. So naturally I love this Irish hardcore stuff. It’s just fun and it gets me super pumped.
(sidenote: I realize the word “drunken” in the title of the song can be a little scary. Don’t Drink and Drive, kids.)

2. I Love It - Icona Pop

This is one of those songs you play with all your girls in the car. The top of your car is down (in this imaginary world, I have a convertible) and you are screaming to all the other cars that you’re passing.
(other side note: I promise I have never crashed my car into a bridge. And not cared about it...)

3. Drive - Mr. Bean's Holiday Movie!

I actually have no idea who this song is by, but I love Mr. Bean and this movie. And well, this song makes me want to hop on my bike and speed through some red lights.

4. Howlin’ For You - The Black Keys

The Black Keys have a way with playing pretty badass songs. Badass songs make me want to break the law. Here is one of them.

5. Who Gon Stop Me - Kanye

This song is the ultimate "stick it to the man" song. Hell, Kanye’s whole album is really really good. I’ll admit that. I couldn’t find a good original version, so here’s a cool group dancing to the song.

Double thanks for this pretty badass challenge!

What are your favorite jams in the car? Tag five friends and challenge them too :)
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@nicolejb yeah, he's a sharp one! I'm really proud. <3 Ohhhh the Ben & Jerry's was amazing. Lol. We only have Coldstone here in the Valley. So we had to get some. What's your favorite flavor? I can't decided between Cherry Garcia and their Coconut Seven Layer Bar. So I just get a scoop of each. ^.^
2 years ago·Reply
@ButterflyBlu can I have some of your Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream?!? That sounds amazing!! I've never tried it before... probably because I'm too distracted every time I go to Ben & Jerry's drooling over the Milk & Cookies flavor. That one's my favorite by far XD Great songs @nicolejb!! Who Gon Stop Me is a really good one for sure. Kanye always gets me pumped :)
2 years ago·Reply
ohhhh I’m a big fan of the Cherry Garcia, but I’ve also been a huge fan of Phish Food (I like chunks in my ice-cream). I like to mix it up with ice-cream though. I pretty much like any flavor you give me @ButterflyBlu totally, Kanye may be a jerk. But he sure knows how to pump people up! @allischaaff
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb lol YES. Just give me any flavor! :D I have a HUGE weak spot for Any coconut ice cream, though. Their Seven Layer also has shredded coconut and a butterscotch swirl with chocolate flakes and crushed graham crackers. *Faint* I die for it. ;) I'll totally share, @allischaaff!!
2 years ago·Reply
ohhhh I agree coconut is a seriously underrated fruit (it’s a fruit right?). hahaha @ButterflyBlu
2 years ago·Reply