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So....I will be attending the Big Bang Concert in Anaheim. But there is a slight problem. The fact that I am going to see them has not completely processed through my head. It seems very surreal. However, i get the feeling that the moment I get at the event center, I'm probably going freak out, badly. Does anyone else feel this way?? Comment below, also if you are attending hehe!! But it feels great to know that I will spend my morning with my cute little nieces and nephews there , eat at one of my favorite restaurants (that I have loved since I was a little girl), and end the night with this absolutely wonderful experience, all in my hometown that I haven't visited in a while <3 Credits to GIF owner (:
So much same! Me and my cousin are going to the Anaheim show too! It hasn't quite hit me yet, and we are both super sleep deprived so we're pretty much Hanna lose it at the show! Can't wait!!
yeah I think I will be at my seat before it hits me lol
@yehet27 and @scotoplane me and my friend are going as well. tbh we are in the nosebleed sections all the way at the top but i aint complaining cuz like you said it seems so surreal right now. i hope my friend is ready to see the fangirl come out of me...especially when i see taeyang oppa!!
@scotoplane Omg that is awesome!! Yupp, you guys will lose it at the concert! XD @SHINee808 Aww, girl make the best out of it!! I agree, it is The KINGS we are going to see so it seems so it is hard to believe;D haha @Tigerlily84 I agree whole heartedly, still hasn't completely hit me 馃槀馃槀
@scotoplane sleep deprived was my middle name yesterday. lol I fell asleep in the middle of watching a video on youtube and woke up at 5:30 this morning going," what the hell happened!" But it's sooo worth it!
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