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It's like a Louis Vuitton bag, but...better!
Imagine having your very own fashion-centric pumpkin. This iconic logo is instantly recognizable by all fashion fans. For all of the designer lovers out there this would be a great and easy project to add some flare to your Halloween decorating!
All you need is a pumpkin carving kit, some black paint, a leather strap (or something that looks like it from a craft store) and wallah! You've got an amazing designer pumpkin fit for any label lover.

This image is a great measure for a stencil if you're interested in a LV pumpkin of your own.

Check in next Sunday at 10AM for the next pumpkin of the week! And if you have a suggestion, idea, or want to submit please feel free!

Only 27 more days until Halloween!
Thank you @PurpleChick! Let me know if there's anything you want to see. There are 31 days after all!!!
this is super cool! love your 31 days of Halloween cards ♡
LOL. I have never imagined someone doing this with a pumpkin! So creative :D