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Alright dudes and dudettes, trying to get lean doesn't mean you have to get rid of some of your favorite foods. It just means trying to make better choices and finding a healthier option. If I had to choose only one food item to eat for the rest of my life, best believe it would be a burger.
You've got those messy burgers that have a sad slice of beef with loads of mayo and bullshit. Then you have those thick, meaty cuts of lean beef.
Guess which burger we're gonna destroy today...

What You'll Need

1/2 pound of 90% lean beef
1/4 cup of onion (minced)
1 egg white
Spinach leaves
Low-sugar ketchup
Fat-free cheese
Salt & pepper
Teaspoon of oil

How To Make It:

1) In a big ass bowl, combine lean beef, onion, that muscle-building egg white, salt & pepper.
2) Form one big Hulky beef patty and slap that slab of meat onto an oiled pan. Cook for about 5 minutes each side.
3) Serve that protein goodness on a play and top with low fat cheese, spinach leaves, low-sugar ketchup. SERVE AND DESTROY!
I agree and if you just use the right ingredients (like the one you shared above), burgers can be very healthy! It def has all the daily nutrients you need haha
@allischaaff yeah you know. Burger is too mainstream. Calling it protein pancake. "May I order a double protein pancake with Swiss and sweet Sriracha on a pancake bun?"
YUM! Lol @ChriSingularis XD
;-P ....u understand! @ChriSingularis
Hmmm protein pancake