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Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day!

5. DJ Lemahieu (Colorado Rockies)

What a diving stop by DJ Lemaihieu! He not only stopped the ball, he threw it on his knees to get the out at first. The Rockies however fell to the Giants 3-2. Nice job DJ!

4. Alexi Amarista (San Diego Padres)

That was a great diving catch by the little ninja, Alexi Amarista, as he makes an incredible diving catch. That play robbed Gonzalez's potential double to end the inning. The Padres fell to the Dodgers however, 2-1.

3. Kelby Tomlinson (San Francisco Giants)

It was a popup to shallow right and it seemed like it was going to be a lucky base hit. And Tomlinson had a hard time finding the ball and that was understandable as he was going for an overhead catch. He however found the ball while running, and caught the ball to get the out. The Giants beat the Rockies 3-2.

2. George Springer (Houston Astros)

The ball was hit deep right, but Springer was there to make the diving catch. If that ball went by, it was easily extra bases. Thus, it was simply an enormous play by Springer to keep the Astros in lead. The Astros beat the Diamondbacks 6-2.

1. Carlos Perez & Erick Aybar (Los Angeles Angels)

The Rangers needed one more win to clinch the division title, but the Angels were not going to give up that easily, especially because the Angels are one game behind the Astros for that last Wild Card spot. They were down 10-6 but showed once again that the game ain't over till it's over. The Angels scored five runs in the top of the ninth to turn the game around, 11-10. And, with that throw by Perez, Aybar tagged Andrus and got him out to end the game to add another win to their season as they inch closer to that Wild Card spot.
Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games!

What was your favorite play of the day?

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1 was a really nice play by the angles for sure
@RosePark Sure thing dude! Thanks so much! Make sure to vote for your favorite one as well! I wanna know what my fellow Vinglers' favorite plays are!
@Starbell808 Haha thanks so much for voting every time I post these! Also, I wouldn't have chosen that play as number 1 if that wasn't the game ending/division title play!
Bro tag me in these ones. I dont watch sports anymore but still love good highlights
number 3 and 1 lol
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