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Oh, someone was kind enough to season this dish with hair? From an unknown bodily location? Yeah... nope. Nope nope nope nope nope.
Am I the only one? Or do you guys just eat it anyway?
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Lol aha, then good morning after all!!! XD Where are you located?? I'm in NYC so it's like 11pm here hahaha. Ughh isn't hair in food the worst?? And then I'm always afraid to go back to that restaurant!!
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Anytime @danidee. You know I love you <3
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I'm from India @allischaaff, Kolkata to be precise. Yes, though hair in food is disgusting, if I ever find one, I just throw that part as I hate to waste food!! And it's 8:49 am here now.
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@mistymaity wow, that's really cool!! I've never been to India, but I hope to travel there someday :) I hear it's a really beautiful country. And yes you're so right, wasting food is definitely not my style!! It's nice to Vingle meet you hehe :) you can call me Alli!
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@allischaaff Good Afternoon Alli(for u, for me it's night!) 馃槉 Yes, India is really a beautiful country!! U would love ur time here if u ever visit! Nice to Vingle meet u too. 馃槃 My name's Sharmistha (rather long, I know!). Or Misty if u want!
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