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Jack The Giant Slayer - Official Trailer 2

Release Date: March 1, 2013 Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy, Eleanor Tomlinson Plot: A modern day fairy tale in which the long-standing peace between men and giants is threatened, as a young farmer leads an expedition into the giants' kingdom in hopes of rescuing a kidnapped princess.
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トレインスポッティングを知っているだろうか。 今作は”アーヴィン・ウェルシュの同名小説の映画化。スコットランドを舞台に、ヘロイン中毒の若者達の日常が斬新な映像感覚で生々しく描かれている。本国イギリスを中心とするヨーロッパはもとより、アメリカ、日本でも大ヒットとなった。当時まだ無名だったユアン・マクレガーの出世作でもある。なお、原作者のアーヴィン・ウェルシュも端役で出演している。印象的な蛍光オレンジのポスターも若者を中心に人気を集めた”若者のみならず幅広い層の人気を集めたと同時に衝撃を集めた作品である。 Wikipediaより引用 そんな今作の続編が描かれることが決定したそうだ。 ”今年始め、「Danny Boyle」監督がオリジナルにも登場した俳優陣らと共に映画『トレインスポッティング』の続編の制作を明らかにした。そして、遂に脚本家「John Hodge」に加え、「Ewan McGregor」、「Jonny Lee Miller」、「Ewen Bremner」、「Robert Carlyle」ら 4人のメインキャストの再集結が正式に決定したようだ。 20年の時を経て復活する名作の続編に、ファンの期待は高まるばかり。” より引用 公開は2017年を予定しているようだ。 名作の続編を製作するということは相当な勇気を要する決断であっただろうがこの発表にあたって多くの映画ファンが喜びと同時に不安も感じているだろう。 しかしそんな不安に向けてダニー・ボイル監督はこう語る。 ”もし我々が期待を裏切るようなことがあれば、ファンの皆様からどんな罵声を浴びるのか心配でなりません。間違いなく、晒し者にされるでしょう。しかし、そんな駄作が生まれる心配を抱えながらも、我々はきっと皆様に素晴らしい作品をお届けすることができると思っています。” より引用 ヤバい、、!楽しみすぎる、、、! 最近たまらない映画情報で溢れかえってきているがまたもや絶対見てみたい作品が出てきた。公開は遠いが必ずやファンの期待を上回る作品が生まれることを願いたい。
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This card is showcasing my favorite things. And by things I mean my favorite kpop groups, movies, kdramas, tv shows, etc. [Top 5 Boy Groups (Kpop)] 5. The Boyz 4. Astro 3. Day6 2. Pentagon 1. NCT [Top 5 Girl Groups (Kpop)] 5. EXID 4. Everglow 3. Red Velvet 2. (G)I-DLE 1. CLC [Top 5 Male Soloists (Kpop)] 5. Baekhyun 4. Jung Jinwoo 3. Eden 2. Taemin 1. Gaho [Top 5 Female Soloists (Kpop)] 5. Hwasa 4. Ailee 3. Sunmi 2. Chungha 1. Taeyeon [Top 5 Non-Korean Artist] 5. 5 Seconds of Summer 4. Halsey 3. The Weeknd 2. Ariana Grande 1. Chase Atlantic [Top 5 K-Dramas] 5. Signal 4. Duel 3. W 2. Circle 1. Save Me [Top 5 Korean Actors] 5. Ahn Hyo Seob 4. Ji Chang Wook 3. Yang Se Jong 2. Yoo Seung Ho 1. Woo Do Hwan [Top 5 Non-Korean Actors] 5. Ross Lynch 4. Chadwick Boseman 3. Taren Egerton 2. Tom Holland 1. Dylan O'Brien [Top 5 TV Shows] 5. Big Brother 4. The Umbrella Academy 3. The Haunting of Hill House 2. Stranger Things 1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [Top 5 Anime] 5. B: The Beginning 4. Shiki 3. Code Geass 2. Darker Than Black 1. D.Gray-Man [Top 5 Cartoons/Animations] 5. (Tie) Static Shock & Totally Spies 4. Young Justice 3. Danny Phantom 2. Code Lyoko 1. Teen Titans [Top 5 Movies] 5. Transformers (First 3 movies) 4. Now You See Me (Series) 3. Kingsman (Series) 2. The Maze Runner Series 1. Spider-Man (Homecoming/Far From Home) [Top 5 Non-Korean Dramas (Asian Dramas)] 5. Together With Me (Thai) 4. Hua Jai Sila (Thai) 3. My Amazing Boyfriend (Chinese) 2. Meteor Garden - 2019 (Chinese) 1. The Judgement (Thai) What are yours?
Book vs. Movie: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
This novel came out in 2010, and was released as a movie in 2013: what a fast turn around! In my experiences, I've noticed that usually its 10+ years before novels gain enough recognition to be turner into movies, but because of this books instant popularity, and fitting into the popular theme of zombies, it was made into a movie really quickly, I guess. Today I'm going to be a fan of the movie over the book! The book had a few really difficult pieces for me that I couldn't get past, and the movie improved on those in a way that made the story more impacting. The book keeps us in R's head in the beginning for too long: we are stuck with his mumbling and confusion and are unable to really get past this until Julie enters the story. In the movie, the story begins at the time R and Julie meet, and thus it has a much faster progression. Sometimes I get mad at movies for going too quickly, but in this case, the story was improved by us being thrown right into the mix. Another aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed was the representation of the Bonies. "Bonies," the greater evil in comparison to zombies or humans, are present in the book, but their presence is almost minimal, and doesn't provide any huge motivation to action. In the movie, this was revamped: the Bonies become a common enemy to both the humans and the zombies, and ultimately become a way that they can relate and begin to make amends between each other. This characterization really added to the action and suspense of the story, and I thought it was a great choice by the director. I also really hate when books spend too much time using a song's lyrics, written in to the novel, to explain how a character is feeling: there is a reason books are used, and there is a reason movies are used. Lyrics, musical sound and related things often do not translate well into text, so I really thought that these song choices were only really effective in the movie. Overall, the movie was a lot better than the book for me, and I don't think you need to experience both. The movie gives you the story that is stronger, and is much more enjoyable overall!
6 Candidates for Doctor Strange
Marvel is on a roll with their movies and it's only a matter of time before they use the classic villain Doctor Strange. Naturally all sorts of rumors have been going about about how might portray Strange and here are the six favored candidates. + Jared Leto + Personally, I don’t see it. Leto’s talented, but he honestly looks too young for strange to me, and it seems like a strange choice for him IMO. He is a possibility, partially because he’s such a popular actor right now and according to rumors he’s wanted the part for years (idk how legit that is tho). + Oscar Isaac + Currently honing his skills for Star Wars so making the jump from scifi to superhero isn’t extreme BUT it’s hard to beat the commitment necessary for something as huge as Star Wars so he might not be available for it. One thing I’ll give him is he’s got the look down! + Jake Gyllenhaal + Another one I don’t think is too likely, not after the huge flop of Prince of Persia. Disney likes to hang on to their actors, but Gyllenhaal is big enough to turn down the roll. On the other hand he apparently wants to try something light and fun, and what’s more fun than being up super villains?! + Matthew McConaughey + Now HERE’S a possibility!! McConaughey is unpredictable so choosing to do something so different from his other movies would definitely be something he’d do. Yeah some of his off the wall choices haven’t been great, but he’s a talented guy and would make a good Strange IMO. + Ewan McGreggor + The one everyone things is gonna be Strange and yeah, I can see it. He’s got he skills, and everyone wants to see him as Strange. While I don’t think he’s got the look quite as good as Isaac he’s “mature” enough to pull it off. One reason he might not though is having worked on a big budget project with a rabid fan base (Star Wars), which can kinda put you off that scene. + Ethan Hawke + I am behind this one 150%, seriously look at him he IS Strange! Yeah it’s kind of a long shot but I really really hope he goes for it because he’d be perfect for it, and it would be a really awesome change of pace for him.