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I would be Labeled under JYP!!
I always imagined I would be the Maknae of the group.
Ten great years of laughter, Love and fun!
Love U-Kiss!!
And I would get the chance to Show off my unique singing talent with a solo.
1. My stage name would be Kiki 2.Idol BF would be Yook Sungjae from Btob 3. The shorty kind one lol 4. Artistic 5. I would keep it classy. Either Dark brown hair or Black 6. Stars cause I loves the star symbol Maybe Galaxy would be my group's name.
Tags. Cause I enjoy talked to you. I'm not on vingle much, but when I am I just so happen to bump into on a card lol. @poojas@honeysoo@kpopandkimchi@exoexo@marilovexoxo
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I love ur results!! <3