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AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. Or maybe you should. Or maybe you already have. Either way, these 3 fancams have me pretty much melting over how ridiculous/adorable/dirty/hot/cool he is.

Help me.

I'm looking at you @jgallegos222

1. War of Hormones at SAF 2014

If my love of VIXX didn't already let you know this, I REALLY love watching people perform in suits. Like so much. So so much.
So this video pretty much killed me. I didn't know BTS when this came out, but in my V watching snoops today...I came across this....and about died.
Can someone teach this boy to keep his tongue in his mouth?!
I'm gonna have to start doing V tongue counts during performances...

2. I Like It

I actually had never heard this song before watching this fancam!! The fancam doesn't really have much going on in it, but this song is so my style to just chill out to, and V's deep voice is /so so so so so/ nice here!!!! I like how chill he is. I think he may have even kept his tongue in his mouth for nearly the whole song. Maybe.

3. 흥탄소년단

(What do people officially call this song in English?? Fun Boys/BTSDISS??)
JUST LOOK AT HIM WEARING ALL BLACK!!!!! JUST LOOK. Why did he take off his jacket?? He's having so much fun I can't take it!!! He's so cute!!



(or don't. or send me your favorite V things. Or tag me in every card about V ever. You know, "help me.")
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@B1A4BTS5ever You are a stronger person than I am!!! I coudl not survive having him as my UB hahahahah
2 years ago·Reply
this post is like the equivalent of life. thank you so much😂😍
2 years ago·Reply
@B2utyrisa for you it's life...for me its death hahahaha. you're welcome <3
2 years ago·Reply
@byeolbit ughhhh yes he brings me life lol
2 years ago·Reply
V makes me fangirl.... But JIMIN MAKES ME HAVE A SEIZURE
2 years ago·Reply