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I just watched the 2 latest episodes and all I have to say is "it was amazing yet sad"! Don't look at the rest of this card if you have yet to watch the newest episode!
We finally got a new Opening, and in my opinion Fairy Tail has the best openings out of all the anime series I've ever watched. This new one is so good, the video gives little hints of what's to come and usually most of the Fairy Tail OP'S do that... The song is really good which doesn't surprise me because I love all the Fairy Tail openings especially "Masuyume Chasing"!
This is a preview of what happened in episode 253. It was really good because Gray saw his father one last time, Juvia had the task given to her by Silver to kill Keys which would kill Silver as well. It was awesome how she killed Keys by going inside him and making him explode but once she did Silver died and joined his wife, even though he was already dead, his body and soul weren't fully gone until Keys was gone. Juvia felt horrible for doing what she did because she knew she practically killed the man she loves father and all she could do was cry which made me cry... Silver hands down the Ice Devil Slayer Magic to Gray right after he passes which can defeat E.N.D.! Now what will happen? Guess we'll just have to wait till next week...! What did you guys think about the new episode? @chris98vamg @MizukiDreyar10 @NaiGrey @jdude237 @HannahPrentiss @ButterflyBlu @NerukaWong @corinazurk @SierraWilson16 @wllmvns @KyrstinBowles @TrinityNorris @MarkKibe @gummibawrx @bribarbour99
crunchy roll sucks <.<
u can watch it on hulu as well there only one episode behind. and im still not caught up so thank u for the warning. im hoping to be caught up soon tho!
fairy tail teaches me life lessons, how to be a better friend. and omg I cry overwhelming tears
@MarkKibe Yes it is, it makes me happy and sad! I love it!!!
I love telling people about fairy tail !!! <3 it's such a perfect anime..
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