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Thank you for the tag @VinMcCarthy!! This is a wonderful and fun idea to do and the title (Otakutober) genius haha ^^ I had a little trouble trying to remember the first two questions but I believe I finally found them :) Let's get this gif party started cx
What was the first anime you watched? If anything it must be Sailor Moon! Hahah also Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon because they're old as well cx
What was the first anime/manga you ever finished? I believe it must've been Kodocha xD we were both in the same grade when I watched it that's why I remember :)
Who is your favorite anime lady? It's Rukia!! ^^ I've always looked up to her because she is awesome in looks and intelligence :D
Who is your favorite anime man? It's always been Kakashi! (ノ^o^)ノ He's just amazing hahaha cx
Which anime are you currently watching? Zetsuen no tempest (Blast of Tempest)! It was recommended by @RosePark and I recently started watching it :D
Well that was mine and I hope you enjoyed it and thank you again @VinMcCarthy!!! :D
Rukias Bankai is just majestic seriously~ and its awesome youre watching Zetsuen! Have a blast ^^
@RosePark right!!? Hahaha ^^ and thanks I will! :D
these are great pics! I also love Rukia and Kakashi. Just a couple of badasses, lol
@VinMcCarthy hahaha exactly my thoughts!! :'D *high five*