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Halloween is just a couple of weeks, are any of you planning to do anything like going out, or watching some movies?
I'm gonna be kinda lame this year, thanks to a bet lost with my kids. I'll dress up as a butler, and whenever someone asks if I'm a butler, I'm supposed to say, "No, I'm just one hell of a mother."
Now that I'm older, I'm more of a stay in and watch movies type :)
@BeannachtOraibh awwww that's really sweet! It might not be the most fun costume haha but I bet your kids will always remember it!
i planning on seeing my friend cause i only get to see her during the summer and since halloween is on the weekend get to spend the night at her house
Lol I *loved* the movie Coraline and it scared my friend when we went to see it at the theater so maybe I'll watch that.... the kids don't really trick-or-treat where I live (one of the downsides of being in the city I guess- they do Halloween at their school instead) but I'll probably go to a costume party or something like last year. @Kirito719 who do you cosplay?
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