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Halloween is just a couple of weeks, are any of you planning to do anything like going out, or watching some movies?
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@Kirito719 ooooh that's a great idea! I'm trying to pull together a Winter Soldier costume (Marvel) in time for Halloween. I haven't done much cosplay lately (short on money + time = no cosplay for me sadly) but I'm going to try to get back into it because it's so much fun!
I'm preparing my wizard costume lol. I want to be Merlin!
i planning on seeing my friend cause i only get to see her during the summer and since halloween is on the weekend get to spend the night at her house
I'm gonna be kinda lame this year, thanks to a bet lost with my kids. I'll dress up as a butler, and whenever someone asks if I'm a butler, I'm supposed to say, "No, I'm just one hell of a mother."
@BeannachtOraibh awwww that's really sweet! It might not be the most fun costume haha but I bet your kids will always remember it!