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So in 2006 my parents told me we was moving. I said where and they said Okinawa Japan, a very tiny island below Japan it's self.
Beaches out there are beautiful. I been to a few, I very popular one is the black sanded beach, I only been there once due to rocks but it was amazing the places I went
The cities were huge for a small island, the people where so nice and just helped me and my family around my other told me to not mix them up with Japanese people to call then Okinawians
I few places we went where the Botanical Gardens and the Pineapple Factory It was beautiful I loved it there, those that are going there I suggest to go to more places than myself, I only been there for 3 years so explore my loves c:
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That's so cool. I've been wanting to visit Japan
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@alywoah it's amazing out there
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