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It October guys which means is started Otakutober is Here!! So don't forget to participate, I tag YOU to do this challenge next (Don't be shy, I'll be looking for your card)
What was the first Anima you watched? I believe it was Inuyasha :D (Watch it if you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend)
What was the first Anime/Manga you ever finished? My first Anime I ever finished was actually "ShinChan" I don't know how I ended up watching ShinChan it just sort of happened lol
Who's you favorite anime lady? Definitely Chichi, she's always on point and strikes fear into even the some of the strongest characters. Besides a lot of funny wtf moments happen when she's around lol
Who's your favorite anime man? Too many to choose from but at the end of the day I think the trophy has got to go to: Ashiya Shirou (From The Devil Is a Part-Timer) See more about him >here<
What Anime are your currently watching? Akikan. ... I know is said it was weird but I like to finish what I've started lol
Don't forget to do this challenge, it's fun and a great way to get involved in the community For more details check out @VinMcCarthy card >here< Have a great day guys, i cant wait to see your responses to this challenge bye :P
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Shin Chan is awesome! The real ending made my mind blow *Head explodes*