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Okay! So yes! I missed yesterday due to school, so I apologize for it being late! I'm so sorry! It's here now though! If you are familiar with these, continue on. If you are just now joining, just screenshot each Gif below to reveal your results. You can either post in comments or make your own card. Completely up to you! I have really enjoyed everyone's participation and Results! So let's get started! The Credit for this Suggestion goes to: @Baekyeol27 @xxxtina @adikiller
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Okay so usually these games troll me and others, but not today!!! *PTERODACTYL SCREECH* Oh my. My Phone loves me. Someone needs to tell me that I'm not hallucinating and that My Bias is the one that I end up with?!?!
OMG I'm in the feels. Long story time! *Skip if you want. I just got so extremely excited for my Results!* As I was leaving work one day, I got a phone call from a very familiar number.  I looked and the call was my partner in crime, Hyukie. I hadn't spent much time with him lately due to work issues, but he was more than understanding about that. "Hey, come eat with me, I miss us being mischievous together and driving the others mad." At first, all I wanted was to go home put on the sweats and just pass out in a tub of cookie dough; but afterall, he was my best friend and I have missed him. I agreed to meet him and the others at the restaurant. Something seemed different in the way he talked to me; I couldn't quite put my finger on it. He seemed less mischievous and had a more adoring tune in his voice. After some time, I arrived at where he and the guys were. They all waited on me, before going into the restaurant; I was met with the embrace of Hyukie. 'This is strange, even his embrace feels different', I thought to myself. We all went in and found a table for all of us. The others were talking about the things they were going to be doing in the upcoming weeks, but I noticed Ravi the most. His laughter carried, and it automatically made everyone else join in. I had liked him for some time, and Hyukie knew. He never said much about it, but I wondered if that was what bothered him. "Hey," N got my attention, "Since you're always cooking for us, why not let me pay you back and cook a decent meal for you?" Taken aback from his question, everything just seemed weird from everyone. No one was seeming to be acting normal. First Hyukie, now N; what in heaven's name was going on? I just looked at him and the others, since I was the center of attention at this point in time. I nodded my head and agreed to him. The next day, I met with him, and we had a nice meal. He was one of the calmest people I knew, and his heart was as big as his personality. After we finished eating, he handed me an envelope with a ticket inside. I looked at him weird with my stomach doing flips. He obviously noticed the confusion and just started laughing at me. "We are all going on vacation, as well as Ravi is going on tour. I bought your ticket for you. You have been wrapped up in work, so we decided you needed to rest for once." (Skip to Vacation) We were all on the beach, and Leo just looked at me and smiled. I felt him staring and we exchanged smiles. That was when I got scared. He was extremely intense, but if he smiled at you, boy did your heart melt. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and held it sweetly. 'Dear god. What is he doing?' So many thoughts were racing through my mind, as Leo confessed his feelings for me. I was stunned, but I had to let him down easily. We talked about it more, but he clarified that the one who was feeling the most jealous, of lack of emotions from me, was Ken. Suddenly I noticed Ken a few feet away. His pace picked up and we met eyes. Leo decided to let us talk alone, to sort out our feelings. We spoke forever, it seemed, about everything we had been through as friends. He wanted to take our friendship to the next level. Ken and I decided after hours of deliberation to make it official between us. (Skip years) Ken and the guys showed up at my work before I did, without telling me ahead of time. I walked through my office doors, and noticed rose petals on my floor leading to my desk, with a bouquet of white-blue tipped roses sitting on top. My pace decreased by confusion and there was a note sticking out of the bouquet. As I picked it up to read the note, I felt a presence behind me. When I turned around, all I saw was the top of Ken's head; he was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. The guys were standing behind him just smiling. I felt dizzy from the overwhelming emotions, that I had to lean on my desk for support. He proposed to me, wanting to spend his life, and grow old, with me. I stood him up and hugged his neck saying that I wanted nothing more than that.
@xxxtina .............Love story on point but........where is baby Ravi o.o. You should write fanfiction :P i'd read it xD
Best Friend: Ravi Crush: Ken Secret Admirer: N Cooks You Dinner: Ken Takes You on Vacation: Ravi Confesses to You: Leo Takes You on Tour: Ravi Jealous one: Leo Boyfriend: N Marry & Start Family: Ken
Bestfriend : Hyuk Crush : Ken Secret Admirer : Ken Cooks Me Dinner: Ken Takes Me on Vacation : Ken Confesses to Me: Leo Takes Me on Tour: N Jealous One: N Boyfriend: Ken Marry& Start a Family: N ...ha...Wow. I mean Ken and N were really neck and neck! Like this is a regular Drama right here!! And poor Leo, I was so focused on these two I didn't think twice about his confession. These results are my best ones so far! Oh, and you'd think the one that cooked for me would have put a ring on it, but again it seems that my loyalty only lasts for a moment smh...well actually Ken did propose, but while I was on tour with N he took me to so many Great restaurants that that was all I could think about when we got back...so I dumped Ken for N. Food always wins with me smh
@Emealia ACK I CAN'T WAIT!! @AmbieB HAHA ^●^
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