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Thanks @AimeeH for the tag πŸ˜„

Best Friend: N

Crush: Ravi

Secret Admirer: Hyuk

Cooks you dinner: Ken

Yes please!!!!!

Takes you on vacation: Hongbin

Omg... I think he'll be perfect! He'll for sure take me somewhere beautiful, I can see it already!

Confesses to you: Hongbin

Confessing to me at our vacation? OMG!!! *fangirl mode*

Takes you on tour: Leo

If it's with VIXX LR, I'll be more excited than with all of them (sowwy)

Jealous one: Hongbin

It's okay baby, we're still together πŸ˜†

Boyfriend: Hongbin

Marry and start a family: Leo

Guessing you weren't good enough for me Hongbin... Oops 😒😜
I guess Hongbin and I have some chemistry even if he isn't my bias LOL
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@KpopGaby that's fine dear! Whenever you have a chance πŸ˜ƒ
@AimeeH Who is your bias and seeing that Imma marry Leo, oh lord my soul left me...
@KpopGaby Ken!! my soul left me too!
@AimeeH Woooo!!!! We share the same bias 😁
@KpopGaby Yay!! Ken is absolutely amazing!