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Literally so happy. My phone loves me! So yeah thank you to @AimeeH for this!! I love my results. So story time - Hyuk and I had been best friends since we were 5 and 6. We are now 19 and 20. We attend a university and are currently studying music. Hyuk and I were inseparable and were always joined at the hip. There was this mysterious guy that always sat on his own. No one dared talk to him because of his 'scary' stare. He was always very lonely and would rarely talk... but when he did his voice was mesmerising. His name was Jung Taekwoon or as everyone else called him Leo. He looked scary to everyone else but to me he always looked very attractive. I had started to develop a crush for him. I would always be staring at him during lectures and whenever he would look up at me I would quickly look at the board and pretend I am writing notes. The next day I came into uni and saw a small box on my desk with a note saying that the gift was from my secret admirer. The gifts every morning kept on coming day in and day out. I was starting to wonder who my secret admirer may be. One day I walked into university and realised I was considerably early. I went to my lecture room and stood in front of the door. As I was about to turn the handle of the door I looked up and peeked through the window of the door. There I saw Leo putting a small rectangular box onto my desk and putting a small bit of paper underneath. It then clicked that Leo was my secret admirer. I began getting nervous but soon plucked up the courage to open the door. I nervously walked over to where Leo was sitting and told him what I knew. I told him that I knew that he was the one sending me gifts. I thanked him for the gifts and began to say 'Leo.. I like....' But I stopped before I could say anything more. I took a deep breath and said quickly 'LeoILikeYou.' For the first time in ever Leo looked up to me and gave me a small smile. He mumbled something to me which I didn't quite catch. I asked him to repeat himself. Turns out he was asking me round to his apartment. He told me he lived alone and that he wanted to cook me dinner. After university Leo walked out with me and took me over to his motorbike. I was scared at first but put my trust in Leo. We arrived at his apartment and it was a nice place. Leo invited me in and then started on dinner. After dinner was prepared Leo put it on the table and called for me. His cooking was amazing!! After we had dinner we had a chat and got to know each other. I found out Leo was a softie inside and hid himself because he was lonely. I also found out he was in a boy band called VIXX with 5 other guys including my best friend Hyuk. He now knew he had me as a friend. I went home and went to sleep. A few months later Leo came up to me and told me he wanted to take me on vacation to Thailand. I had always wanted to go there and we were going for a week. I was super excited!! On vacation Leo confessed his love to me and I confessed my love back to him. He smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen from him when I told him I loved him. He asked me out and I hugged him and whispered in his ear 'a thousand times yes.' When we got back from our amazing vacation Leo got a phone call. His smile dropped and a frown appeared on his face. I wondered why and I was about to find out. He hung up and turned to me telling me that he was going on tour at the end of the week. Of course I was upset but knew it was part of his job. He had a smile on his face that I couldn't tell what it was for. He said to me 'Why don't you join me on tour.' I asked him if that was okay and if his manager would be okay with that. He phoned his manager and his manager said it was ok. I met the rest of his group members on tour and ended up getting on with all of them. However there was one guy Ken that kept on getting jealous everytime i was near Leo. One day on tour I walked up to Ken and asked him what was wrong with him and why he was being like he was being towards me... He told me he thought that I was taking Leo away from him and the rest of the boys. I reassured him I wasn't and that I would let the boys have more time with Leo seen as I could see him a lot when we got home. Leo was now my official boyfriend after we had told the boys and Leo's manager. They all were very happy for us and supported us and our relationship which we were both ecstatic about. Leo and I were very happy together and knew no one could break us apart. We were a strong couple. People were still afraid of Leo at uni but at least he knew he wasn't alone anymore. Later on in our lives Leo proposed to me and we had our wedding. We were finally married! That was an amazing day and I am proud to call that man my husband and I can now call him my husband! We ended up finding out we were having a child after about 4 months of us being married. We were ready to be parents and I knew Leo would be an amazing father. I loved him and our baby son to pieces. I wouldn't change them for anything nor anyone. The end!
@AimeeH I'm happy for you too!! We both got our biases! @StephanieDuong haha I was suprised that I got practically all Leo. He's just so damn loveable. I mean how can you not love Leo
@StephanieDuong Ahh! Leo is just indescribable sometimes. and the things he does as well. @AimeeH the cookie dough will help too!
@beckiboop1996 Who couldn't love Leo?! He's my ULTIMATE BIAS OF LIFE. lol.
@AimeeH yes we will! The mental struggle will be tough but we will pull through together!
@AimeeH Yay! we will both gain a lot of weight!
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