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Who Is My Bias?????
The one and only Rapmonster ♥
Why??? I mean just look at him. His lips, smile and eyes and teeth are just perfect. Don't forget he slays when he raps and dances too. I love his voice too. Especially at the end of Just One Day when he says "Can You Please Stay With Me?" It's so sexy!!!!!
His eye smile just aaaahh!!! ♥
His Dimples♥
He is just beautiful ♥
Bye that's all :)
My bias is Rap Monster too! ❤ I love his passion and hard work, and his devotion to the other team members.. and of course his sexy charming face :D
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@jannatd93 oh and that too I was just too focused on his looks lmao
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@otakukpopgirl Hahaha ya it happens xD I do that too
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@jannatd93 True true. My name is Coreena nice to meet you! (^ω^)
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@otakukpopgirl Nice to meet you too Coreena! I'm Jannat 😊
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