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Vixx Screenshot game results
Yasssss vixx, I love my results, I thought my phone hated me for a minute there but it came back around @AimeeH as always Thnx for the tag
So me and Hongbin are besties for life and we were always hanging out having a blast
But for a long time I had a crush on his friend Leo (sdffgghh) and I didn't know how to say anything so I ended up missing my chance, Leo ended up with a girlfriend and I had to move on *sobs deeply *
Little did I know N had a crush on me from the start but he never confessed so I left it at that
So my birthday comes around and Hong bin being my bestie cooks me a birthday dinner (*^_^*)
Ken decided he would take me on vacation for my birthday
One night on vacation while we are at dinner, Ken passes me a drawing, it's me and under the picture he confesses his feelings for me, he says I don't have to decide right away and gives me time
I get back from vacation with my head swirling with thoughts but then N asks me to go on tour with him, I decide that this might be good for me and allow me to think things through
Ravi (my true love) was jelly the whole time and was thinking of how to get my attention, (you don't have to be jealous ~T_T~)
(OK I lied, just a little jelly) I get back from tour with N and I decided to see if me and Ken could work out, we dated for a while but in the end we decided that we were just not meant to be and went our separate ways...
A few months later... Ravi shows up with a bouquet of flowers and asks me to marry him, I'm totally shocked but what else is there to say but yes (especially if your true asks you) ... we get married and a few months later our first new family member is on their way and I couldn't be happier ヽ(´▽`)/
OMG the road was rough but I got Ravi in the end and in my mind that is all that matters, 。^‿^。
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