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VIXX Screenshot Game Results
Crush: Hongbin (He is just so cute) Secret Admirer: Hyuk (He is cute too xD) Cooks me dinner: Ravi (I'm sure it'll be delicous thanks oppa) Takes me on a vacay: N(I wouldn't mind going anywhere with you oppa (^_~) ) Confesses to me: N(oh my >//<) Takes me on tour: Leo (Hot Damn!!!) Jealous one: Ravi (I mean evreyone else has talked to me not you oppa....) Boyfriend: Hyuk(I gave him a chance since he liked me so much) Married to: Hongbin(I broke up with Hyuk because I've always liked Hongbin and we have more stuff in common than me and Hyuk do. Me and Hongbin have twins a boy and girl ♥) @AimeeH
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