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When your crush makes a joke.

*your so funny* *laughs to a point where it's scary* *laughs even if it's not funny*

when your crush likes your post.

*wait for real* *let me see*

when you hear about someone liking your crush

*wait who* *wait who do I have to kill* *your joking right*

when someone flirts with your crush

*I can't even* * what the hell is she doing*

when your crush says "HI"

*looks around, wait oh heyy* *laughs wait really me* *oppa noticed me*

when talking about yoour crush and you can't help but smile

*he's so nice (insert smile)* *he said hi guys(insert smile)* *I really like him (insert smile)*

@yvonjerak those eyes in the growl gif!!!!! I just can't! I'm done!
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this is so cute! my fave: "what the hell is she doing?"
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