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The Sisters It's was three in the morning when somebody was banging on the door. Neicy woke up, and look around the room. She saw her sisters still sleeping. (How could they sleep through all that banging?) She asked herself. She sleep in a room with her sister Mandi. Mandi is a beauty to her, she is always kind heart and sweaty. She just wish she didn't feel bad about herself. Neicy got out of her bed, and went down stairs to see who was at the door. She heard somebody say, "Let me in please!!" The person yelled. She walked up to the door and open it. There was a guy standing there sweaty out of breathe. "What is wrong with you? Do you know what time it's is?" She yelled at him. He just looked at her. "Can you please help me?" The guy asked her. She look at him wondering what the hell is wrong with this guy. "UNNI, somebody here at the door." She yelled. Lucky her older sister is still up. Aimee walked up to the door, "Who is here at this time of ni..." She said as she looked at the guy at the door. She rush to the door to help him in. "Aren't you Daesung from Bigbang?" She asked. He nods his head. "Thank you." He said out of breathe. Aimee sat him down on the couch. "Neicy go get him so tea, and new clothes." She said. Neicy nods her head and left. "What's going on? Why are you got of breathe?" She asked. He turn and looked at her, "A new world." He said. She look at him, she saw something had happen to this guy. She thought to herself. (He going to needs a place to stay.) She asked herself. Daesung couldn't believe what had happen tonight. He could believe what his friends are. He just wish all of this was a dream. (Welcome to a new world.) He though to his self. 3 months ago..."Coming on Neicy we have to get to the airport before we miss our plane." Aimee said. Neicy was rushing to get her stuff out of the house. "I'm coming Unni I'm trying to get my favorite clothes." Aimee look at her and started the car. Neicy had finally got the bag in her Kodiak Honda. Neicy jumped in the car, she look at her sister, "How are you taking this car to South Korea?" Neicy asked. Aimee looked at her and laughed, "I bought I one in Korea." She said. Neicy look at her, "So what happening to this one." Aimee just pull out of the drive way and left. She look at Neicy and smiled. "This car is still coming with us, and this car is going to be a use to our new home." She said. She pull up to this blue, and white house. This house is where my little sisters friends stay. Neicy got out of the car, and went to the white door. She ring the door bell, and a tall old men with a white bread that's looks like Santa Claus. "Well hello Neicy you coming to pick up your sisters?" He asked. "Yes we moving to a different country." She said back. He let her in the house. The living room was very beautiful, it's has pink curtains, with a beautiful white couch. Picture of a family on the walls Neicy was standing at front looking around the place. "Girls your sister is here." The men said. The girls came out of the rooms. "Do we really have to go?" Mandi said. "Yes, now come on before we are late for our flight, and you know how unni would feel." Mandi, Casey, Michelle, and Bri, all starting to pout as they was living. When they got to the door, they turn around and hug their friends good bye. The girls all walk to the car and got in. Mandi was looking at her best friend, and waving goodbye. Aimee started the car and pull out and drove to the airport. When they got there, got out of the car and went in side. "Come on girls before we miss our flight." Aimee said. They all started to run as fast as they could. They got to they plane gate, and went on the plane. Neicy, Casey, Mandi, and Bri are all adopted. Aimee is the oldest she wasn't adopted her mom had her. When Aimee was little her mom work at the children hospital with sick children. Her That when see saw Mandi and Bri. They were abandoned by their mother. She wanted to keep them because she saw so much hurt in their eyes. She walked over to them and said, "Are you guys okay?" She asked. Mandi shook her head, and Bri just cried. "How old are you girls? She asked. Mandi and Bri didn't want to say anything, "I'm four, and Bri is one." Mandi said. When the social worker was going just put the girls a foster home. But she wasn't going to let they happen. She went to the social worker, "Hi I was wondering can I take this girls to my house and stay?, I do have a foster parent permit." She said. They lady in the suit just nods her and head. "You'll have to fill out some paper work." She said. She went back to the girls and said "Hi name is Cheryl and I will be taking you home with me." Cheryl said. "Can I know your names?" Cheryl asked. "My name is Mandie, and her name is Bri." Mandie said. Cheryl pick up Bri and held Mandi hands. "Lets got to your new home." They left the hospital and went home. Cheryl pull up to a beautiful red house with a white door. They got out of the taxi, and walked in the house. Before they ever got the chance to look around, Aimee came down the stairs. "Mommy who are these girls?" Aimee said. "These girls are going to be your little sisters." Cheryl said. Aimee walked up to them and hugged them and kiss them. "Hi, I'm your older sister and I will protect you." She said. Mandi smiled and hugged her back. Bri wasn't really caring who was protect her, all she was worrying who going to change this pooie diaper. Michelle had only known Cheryl, Aimee, Mandi, and Bri. She was a friend of the family. Her mom and Cheryl was close friends. Aimee had a ready treat Michelle as her young sister. Even though Michelle was only two years. One day Michelle was staying at Aimee house because her mom and dad went to go out on a date. She got to stay there. While Michelle was there, Cheryl got a phone call around 12 o'clock at night. The police called to tell her to come down to the hospital. "Aimee I need you to watch the girls for me okay I have to got down to the hospital." She said. Aimee shook her head. Aimee took all the girls and put them to bed while her mom left. When Cheryl got down to the hospital the officer took her to the morgue. "Officer why are we going down here?" She asked. The officer open the door, and when Cheryl saw the bodies she started to cry. "Oh my God!!" She cried. "What happen to them?" She asked as she sobbing. "So do you know them?" The office asked. "Yes I do, they are my next door neighbor." She said. "They got hit by a semi truck on the high way. It's looks like they was going home." Cheryl couldn't look at them, her heart started to break. She left the hospital and didn't know what to do. When she got home, Aimee came out of her room, "Mom what's going on." She asked worry. "Michael and Marcy died in a car crash last night." Aimee cover her mouth and backed away. "NO NO NO!! This can be, What about Michelle." Aimee cried. Cheryl hugged her crying daughter and said, "Don't you worry I'll take her in." Cheryl said. Cheryl adopted Michelle, and Aimee always made sure that she will be happy.A year later at five in the morning somebody was knocking on the door. Cheryl woke up with Michelle and Bri on her sides. She moved them to go see who was at the door. "Who is it's." She yelled. She got closer to the door and somebody was still knocking. When she open the door. "Who is-" she look door and saw two little girls. One was a tall girl and the other one was short girl. "Hello, sweeties, where are you parents?" Cheryl asked. The tall girl look at her "We don't have no parents." She said. Cheryl looked a around and saw nothing but darkness. "Coming in sweeties it's cold out here." She told them. "I'm Cheryl, what's your names?" She asked. "I'm name is Neicy and her name is Casey." The tall girl said pointing at the short one. "Are you sisters, or friends?" Cheryl asked. "We are sisters." Neicy said. "We have the same mom but different dads." She said. "What a nice house you got here Miss. Cheryl." Classy said. Aimee came down stairs, and saw the two little girls. Neicy ran up to Aimee and called her "unni." Aimee looked at he as if she was crazy. "My name is Aimee not unni." Aimee said. "No, unni means big sister." Neicy said. Aimee like the sound of that. Cheryl laughed and thought that these girls will fit right in the family. It's been eight years since the girls was adopted by Cheryl. They all felt like she was a mother to them. "Neicy and Casey come before your late to high school." She yelled. "We coming mom, don't blow a cow." Casey said." Cheryl Laughed at them. Aimee was eating apple when Cheryl walked to her. "Don't you have classes today?" She asked her. "Yes, mom I do I'm leaving now." Aimee said. "Hold on, you have to take Mandie, Bri, Michelle, to school." Aimee stop and turn around, "Why do I have to?" She said. "Because your a college student and plus you have your driver license and a car. So there you go." Cheryl said. Aimee yelled up the stairs "Come on Bri, Mandi, Michelle come on." The girls came running down the stairs. "Don't forget girls, I'm going to be working late to night so be home okay?" She asked. "Yes mom." The girls said.All the girls was at home doing homework and doing chores. "What time is mom coming home?" Bri asked Aimee look at her. "Tonight don't worry." Aimee said. Its was one in the morning, when somebody knocking at the door. Aimee and the girls woke up. "Who is knocking this late at night, don't they known have school in the morning." Neicy said. They all came down stairs to the door. When Aimee open the door, and saw a police officers standing at the door. "Yes may I help you sir?" Aimee said. "Is this Cheryl Hughes's resident?" The officer asked. "Yes it's is and we are her daughter's why?" Aimee asked. The officer look at the girls and took off his hat and said, "I'm sorry, but your mother had died in a car accident." All the girls just look at the officer. "Wait, what did you just say." Neicy asked. Aimee look away, Michelle and Mandi started to cry, Casey just look at the officer as if he was on drugs, and Neicy just stood there. "I'm sorry for your lost." He said. Neicy and Casey walked over to Aimee. All the girls was around Aimee as they cried. Aimee wanted to cry but she knew that she had to be strong. At end of the day all she has is her sisters. The sisters is what Aimee call her and her sisters.
The New Life
Mandi look out of the airplane window and saw Seoul, Korea. She was taking back by it. She couldn't believe how beautiful it's is. She tapped Bri so she could see. "Look Bri, ain't it's beautiful?" She asked. Bri shook her head, "yea it's is." Her and Mandi was look out the window. They all got off the plane and went to get their bags. Casey saw so cute Korean guys and she tapped Neicy. "Ooo look at those sexy Korean boys." Casey said. Neicy look over and laugh, "They cute alright, they in high school." Neicy pointed at the boys clothes. Casey felt like a creep, she just started to walk away. Michelle was standing next to Aimee when she decided to play with Casey. "Hey Casey ain't that Daesung over there?" Michelle joked. Casey turn around as fast as she could, "Where is he? Where is my hubby?" Casey realize that he wasn't there and she felt like a fool running around like she crazy. "Come here so I can slap you back to America." Casey said angrily. She rush over to Michelle, but Aimee stop her, "No, you don't need to hit anybody, and Michelle that's wasn't not nice to do that to your sister." Aimee said looking at both of them. "Now that's every body got their bags, let's got to our new house." Aimee said. The taxi pulled up to a medium-sized house. The house was navy blue with a black door. Korea doors are different the America. Some house have a door bell where they can see you in another room. They have to put codes in the door to open them. Aimee put the code in the door, and the door said something in Korean. They girls was a shock to see a house like this. When you walk in the house you saw white and blue furniture. The tv was big, the kitchen was a decent size for a family. Neicy jumped on the couch, "Well I can get use to this." Neicy said. Aimee just laugh and round her eyes. "My and Bri gets the biggest room." Mandi said. Neicy laugh loudly, "Unni aready said your going to be sleeping with me." Neicy said. Mandi turn towards Aimee, "Are you kidding me, Why do I have to sleep with Neicy? She snores." Mandi said angrily. Neicy jump out of the way."Look ain't my fault,, Unni this that it will be a good idea." Neicy said. Mandi look at Aimee angrily, "Why?" She asked. "Its because you and Neicy will be good roommates." She said. "Plus you and Neicy get the biggest room in the house." Aimee said. Mandi look at Aimee and Neicy, she just through her hands up. Everybody went to their new rooms.Neicy and Casey have to got Seoul University. "Ugh college." Casey said. They got in the taxi and went to the school. Neicy was looking out the window loving how the city is. She love that they moved to a new place. She just wish her mom was here. She would had love to come to South Korea. Aimee cried everyday when they told her that she got the job in South Korea. She was kinda happy and said. Neicy was just thinking how they came together at the hard times. She look over at Casey, saw how happy she was. Casey took it hard when their mother died, Neicy had always was the one who made sure that they was okay. Even though she was eight. When Cheryl took them in, Neicy felt like she doesn't have to be the big person anymore. "Hey remember mom use to say?" Casey look over at Neicy. "If you want to become something you have to study hard, work hard, and never give up." Neicy said as a tear fell down her cheek. Neicy really miss her mother, she was the only person other then Aimee that made her feel special. They pulled up to the college, and they was surprised by the size of the school. "Dam this school is big." Casey said. Neicy nod her head and laugh. They walked up to the map on the wall to see where was admissions hall. Casey or Neicy couldn't read Korean yet so they went to asked around. There was a group of hot boys walking by. Neicy turn around and just looked. "Casey go ask those dudes over there." Neicy said pointed. Casey turn around and look at the boys. "Hello, do any of you guys speak English?" She asked. They all shook their heads no. She look around trying to find somebody, when a guy behind said, "I speak English well." The guy said behind her. When Casey turn around and look up at the guy she tapped Neicy to get her attention. Neicy turn around and stood were she stands. "Y.. you are Top from Bigbang right?" Casey asked. He shook his head yes. Neicy and Casey screamed. "What do you need help with?" Top asked. "Can you tell us where the admission hall is at?" Neicy asked shyly. He point to the building on the left. "That's it right there." He said. He smiled at them, then he wave goodbye and left. They walked to the admission hall still in a dazed. It's been three months is they moved here. They loved it here, Mandi made lots of friends. Bri has a boyfriend, Casey and Neicy has been working hard in school. Michelle been trying hard to pass this math test. Aimee been working her but off to take care of her sisters. Some time Aimee feels like her mother is with her every step of the way. She been need her mom lately since she moved here. She looked up at a picture of sisters and her mom. They all looked happy, when she was alive. They still happy but they just miss that love she use to give to them. Aimee look at Daesung as he slept. He looks so peaceful, that's he got out if those nasty clothes. Neicy came out of the room, "We better not tell Casey that he is here." She joked. Aimee laughed and look at him. She knows if here little sisters see him she going go crazy. "Okay Neicy go up stairs and get some sleep." Aimee said. Neicy look at her sister, then turn around and left. Aimee put some more cover over him. She look at him and wondering what had happen to him. She turn off the lights and went up stairs. Daesung was sleeping on the couch when the sun shines in his closed eyes. He turn around and open his eyes. He jumped up and look at the girl in front of him. She was staring at him smiling, he started to feel a little weird. "Uhm. Hi?" He said. Casey couldn't do nothing but smile at him. When Michelle told her that Daesung was down stairs on the couch. She just brush pass Michelle and went down stairs. When she got down stairs and saw that Daesung was really on the couch, she almost died. She got down by his face and watch him sleep. When he woke up, all she could say was "bloody murder." He just look at her. He was getting scared of what he seeing. "Casey get away from him dude." Neicy said. "Hell naw, do you know who this is?" She looked at Neicy. Neicy laughed at her. Aimee can out the room, "Casey move away so Daesung can eat breakfast." Aimee said. "Can I feed you please?" Casey asked him. Daesung look at her like she was on medicine. He wanted to move away but he was afraid that if he moved he will get attacked. "Sorry, she really like you." Aimee said. Dae look at her and started to ease down a bit. "She really not a creepy she a sweet heart, she just love you." Michelle said. Dae started to Laugh, he didn't why be he did. Aimee put his food on the table. "He eat up." She said. Daesung hadn't realize that he was really hungry. He stuff the food in his mouth. When he look up he saw a loving and caring family. He realize that what had last night with his best friends. He realize that he in a new life that he needs to leave. He needs to leave this family so he won't bring that trouble. The new life he thought.
The Hunt
Top, Taeyang, GD, and Seungri came up the stairs . They stop when they saw, Jin-Woo, Min-Ski, and a third girl. The third girl had her back turn to them. When she turn around they saw her sexiest. They saw how her blue eyes was cold as death. Her beautiful brown skin that shines Her hair hang down her back and side. Her beautiful red lips, her sexy body. She was the sexy woman they had ever seen. "Hello boys.". Jin said to them. "What are you guys doing here? We though you guys wasn't coming back." GD said. They look at them and laugh. Min look at Seungri and like what she saw. "See you have another member to your vampire group." Min said smiling at Seungri while her fangs showed. Seungri look at her and showed his fangs back. The other girl look at them, "I need you guys to find somebody for me." The third girl said. GD looked at her, "Why would we ever look for somebody for you? We don't know you." He said. The Min-Ski hiss at GD. "She is your queen, she is the vampire queen." She said. They immediately bow down to her. "I am sorry that I have been rude your highness." GD said. "Who do you want us to find?" Taeyang said. "My daughters." She said. She walked past them and look down at the ring on her finger. "They are here in this city." She said. " Your highness how will we find your daughters?" Top said. "Quit calling me your highness and call me Akasha, and your friend Daesung already found them." She said looking at them. "One if the girls won't be hard to find." She said. "My other daughter Kate will help you out." She said pointing at the new girl walking through the door. "Hi I'm Kate." She said smiling. "Don't you smile you ugly bastard." Akasha said to her. "She not a vampire, so don't bite her." She said. Akasha, Min-Ski, and Jin-Woo started to leave. Akasha turn to her daughter, "Don't ruin this for me, I want my real daughter back, not this piece of shit." They left the house, you could hear wind blow as they flow. Kate just stood there, all shy and stuff. "Your a human?" Top asked. "Nope a werewolf." She said nodding her head. They all look at her, "there's werewolves?" Seungri asked. "Yes there is werewolves." She said back. "Mother dear mating with one hoping to make a hybrid vampire again but this time it didn't work." She said. "Wait there a such thing as a hybrid vampire?" Taeyang asked. She shook her head. "My mom had two daughters before me and they are hybrid vampires. See the thing about hybrid vampires is they are more like human, is they eat human food, drink human food. But they can't live off it. Well in this case my sisters have." She said. "Why is that?" Seungri asked. "Because my sisters had never had blood before. Only human food, so they bodies don't know what it's is." She said. "So why do your mom needs us? When she have you?" Top asked. "Because of GD, see the girls my sister are living likes you. And plus I go to school with one of them." She said. She handed GD a picture of one of the girls. GD took it and saw a cute chubby girl in this picture. "Her name is Mandi Hughes." Kate said. Top, Taeyang, and Seungri looked at the picture. "She pretty." GD said. He really like her smile. "But why do I have to talk to her? Why can I just go get Daesung from her house?" GD said. Kate started to laugh, "You really don't understand of being a vampire. Look from what Jin told me, you come from a old blood line. Meaning that you can't just walk in a human house without permission." She said. GD look at her, he hear Jin say the same thing when he first became a vampire. "Old blood line?" He asked. "Yea, that's when your blood line was an old powerful blood line like my mother." She said. To him. GD look at mandi picture and smile he couldn't believe that he saw a beautiful girl like her.The school bells rings, and everybody is leaving class. Mandi was taking her bag out of her locker. She was going the mall to get some new shoes for gym class. She left school and got to the bus stop. She put her earphones on. The bus had just got there and she got on it. GD saw Mandie get on the bus. He told his driver to follow that bus. They drove until they reach the next bus stop. He saw her get off the bus and started to walk. He told his driver to follow her and not lose her. He watch as a walked with her headphones on. He really though she was a pretty girl. When she reach the mall he got out of the car. He followed her all through the mall. When she went in finish line, wait until she came out. When she came out of the store he bumper on purpose. She fell to tell ground. Mandi dropped her money and her new shoes. When she saw someone helping her, she looked up and saw it was G-Dragon from Bigbang. He looked at her and smile. He start to speak Korean which she don't understand. Then he spoke English, "Sorry I didn't see you there." He smiled at her. GD helped her up, he brush her off. "Are you Okay?, I'm sorry I didn't see you there." He said. Mandi nods her head. "Thank you for caring for me." She said. Mandi had her head down, smiling. GD lifts her head up and look in her pretty brown eyes. "How beautiful." He said looking in her eyes. She moved away and put her head down, "I'm not pretty, I'm ugly." She said about herself. He didn't like the words he heard. He went closer to her. He made her look i his eyes. They was so close that she could feel his breathe on her lips. He went closer, she though he was going to kiss her. He whisper softly in her ear, "You are not ugly, you're the most beautiful person I ever seen." He said moving in her face. She look in to his eyes, she saw him caring for her. She didn't understand why GD said all those nice things. He grabbed her by the hands and took her to a store to by her new clothes. Daesung was taking a shower, when he heard the bathroom door open. "Who there?" He asked. The door open some more, and he asked again, "Who's there?" When it's was Aimee trying to put his clothes on the toilet seat. She had her eyes closed, she felt embarrass to look at him. "Sorry I just got your clothes from the clothes line." She said. "Oh, thank you Aimee." He said back. It had been three weeks since he stay here. When he was going to leave. Aimee asked why was he running. He couldn't answer her, he didn't want to bring trouble to her. When he tried to leave, she told him "I'm not going to get in your business, but the way you came to my house last. Says something other wise. So mister you're going to stay here until everything died down a bit. I don't want you to get hurt." She said to him. He had never had some one other then his mom talked to him that way. After that he been staying there. He still think about his friends, wonder who they doing. Even though they vampires, he really miss them, but he know he can't go back there. Casey haven't been crazy lately, she been more of a sweetheart, like her sister said. She been making sure that he was alright. He been smiling because of her. He is starting to like Casey, he started to spend more time with her more then the others. He turn of the water, and wrap the towels around his waist. He pick up his clothes and went in to a spare room Aimee had gave him. He don't how she did it in this small house but she did. He went in the room and change. He came out and went down stairs. He saw Casey doing her homework, Neicy talking to Michelle and Bri. Aimee was in the kitchen cooking something. Whatever it was its smelled good he thought. He was hungry as hell. He been loving the food Aimee and Neicy cooked. He had Casey cook for him one day and love it. When he saw Casey working hard in her homework he couldn't do nothing but smile. He was starting to fell for her. Every time he leave the house to go some where it made him think about Casey. "Hey ladies." He said. Walking down the stairs. "Hey" everybody said to him. He smiled when Casey look up at him. He rubbed her head and sat next to her. "Trying to get smarter then me." He said to her. She laugh, "Said the guy who dropped out of school." She said looking at him. He laugh, he didn't dropped out of school but he passed his college entrance exam. He chuckle at her.Mandi came in run up to everybody. "OMG guys you won't believe what happen to me today?" She said. "What happen sweetie." Aimee asked. "You all know G-Dragon from Bigbang right?" She said. They all nod their heads. "He asked me out on a date!!!" She screamed. Every girl in this house screamed. "OMG what are we going to do a bout your hair?" Neicy said. "But that's not the best part. He is here right now, with the rest of the group." She said exactly. Daesung got scared. He stop smiling and looking at the door. Mandi went to the door and invited them in. "Come on in." She said. They all came in the house. They look are around the house. When they saw the girls they bowed. The girls giggles, Michelle walked to the and showed where they going to be sitting. Before she did that Aimee turn around and her eyes met Taeyang. He looked at her and couldn't look away. His heart started to beat fast. He couldn't understand why he felt so attracted to her but he was. "No thank you." GD said to Michelle. "We won't be here long, I just came here to invite you girls to a ball at our house." GD said. The guys giggles, "We would love to, and thank you." Aimee said looking away from Taeyang. GD walked up to Mandi and kiss her hand. "I will see you girls tomorrow at 8." He said. Then he turned he looked at Daesung. He smiled flashing his eyes. Dae jumped back, and look at the girls. They left and the girls all screamed. "OMG are to a ball with big bang." Michelle scream. Dae started to get scared for the girls. He knew that ball was nothing good. He have to keep these girls away from the ball.GD, Taeyang, Seungri, and Top got in the car. "I think we have them." Top said. Taeyang nods his head, then he pulled off. Taeyang couldn't get Aimee out of his head. No matter what she was stuck in his head. He though she was so beautiful. The way she smiled at him. "So what do we do now?" Seungri said. "We go to Kate now." Top said. The drove home, Top pulled up in the driveway. They all got out of the car. They went in the house and saw Kate standing there. She turn around and look at them. "Hello guys, was it hard to get in the house?" She asked. GD shook his head, then sat on the couch to think about Mandi. "Hey is there a way to make a human your wife with out doing a wedding ceremony?" Taeyang asked. Kate looked at and nods her head. "Yea there's away, all you need to do is bite her and make her drink your blood and your drinks hers." She said. GD look at her and smiled. He thought he could make Mandi his wife. He could spend eternity with her. He smiled ear to ear. "So do you know who your sisters are?" Seungri asked. "Yes I do, they are, Neicy and Casey." She said. "Its going to be hard to get Neicy to feed. But Casey all you need to do is turn Daesung and he'll do the rest." She said. "Also he going to have to bite Casey to get her to feed." She said. "Why?" Top asked. "Because they never had human blood before, and they hybrid side is locked away." She said. Top couldn't understand why will it be hard to get Neicy to drink. "Why will it be hard to get Neicy to feed?" Top asked. "Unlike Casey, Neicy is stronger and she to gets to feed, you see Neicy father is an alpha of a hybrid pack. And Casey father is a werewolf. They dads are different, plus Neicy is the only one to have multiple hybrid babies." She said. Top shook his head. "They are coming to the ball tomorrow." GD said. Kate smile and laughed, she thought now it's time for the hunt. She can't wait to meet her sister. The Hunt is on, she thought
The Ball
Kate was sitting on the couch looking at the guys. Seungri was walking around the room. "So tell us a little bit about your mother." Seungri said. Kate look at Seungri, " well first off my mother it's not just any vampire queen. She used to be a Egyptian queen one of the most powerful Egyptian queen. She was very ruthless with the cam for what she want. She uses torture and kill people that stand in her way. The high priest try to find a way to kill her he went to a Pharaoh tomb. One of the Pharaohs had a book called the underworld black book. This black book have you millions of ways to kill anybody. But when he did this to her, he didn't only kill her. He made her in to a vampire." Kate said looking at the guys. "Shewent on a killing spree and start coming everybody in sight. The Pharaoh was scared and stab her with a hey Silver stake. Its didn't kill her just put her down to sleep." Kate said. Top turn to her and look at her. "How old his your mom." He asked. "She about 4500 years old." Kate answered. "So hope about Neicy dad, Why is his so power." Seungri asked. "That because he was one of the very first humans. He was the first hybrid. I really don't know have he became a hybrid. But I do know he is one of the first humans." She said. Kate started to lay back on the couch. "Wow Neicy have a powerful dad and mom." Top said. Kate nods her head. "That's why you the only one that's can bite her." She said. Top stop and looked at her. "What you mean?" He asked. "Oh you don't know what you are huh? Well let me tell you. You are a pure vampire, meaning your a Prince." She said looking at him. He look out of the window, "Why am I the Prince and why do I need to bite her?" He asked. Kate sat up and looked at him, "Because you are the only one that can drink her blood, she the princess, and you are going to be married." She said. "Oh plus your parents was vampires two, they were like GD." She said pointing at GD. Top looked at GD, then he looked at Kate, and then he look out of the window. He wonder can he get Neicy, and make her his.Mandi was getting ready for the ball. She felt like Cinderella, she had her eyes hair up in a bun, her makeup was prefect. Until see saw Casey came in, she had on a nice black dress. The dress shows off her curves. She look so pretty, Mandi thought. She just wish she could look as good as she could. While she was feeling down about how she looked. The bell rings, Aimee went to the door. She open it and saw a young delivery men standing there. "Hi, can I help you?" She asked. He look at Aimee, "Yes, this packages is for Mandie Hughes." The guy said. Aimee took the packages out of the guy hands. Mandi came down stairs, when she saw that the package was for her, she ran as fast as she could to get it. She took the packages and sat down on the couch. She ripped it open, to see what was in it. Her sisters gather around her to see what she had got. When Mandi saw the dress from the Cinderella movie. It's was the most beautiful dress she ever seen. The dress was a black long grown, in the left corner there was heart with initials inside, that said, "GD <3 MH" She saw an envelope in side the box. She open it's up and read the card."To the most beautiful girl I even seen, can't wait to see you in this dress my beautiful angel.Love,Know Ji-Tong aka G-Dragon.She saw the note and her heart flattered, she started to cry. She couldn't believe that he did this for her. She had never had somebody do something so wonderful for her. As she was looking at the dress she saw something shine in the corner of her eye. She look down and saw black shoes, with black diamond on the edge of it. She started to cry again, her sisters was cheering her on. "OMG Mandie GD really likes you." Michelle said. "He really do like you." Neicy said smiling. While everybody was screaming for Mandi. The door bell rings, Aimee turn around. Mandi looked at her, and shrugs her shoulders. When Aimee to went to the door, she opened it and saw a make up crew. "Hi we here to do Mandi Hughes makeup." The ladies said. Mandi stood up and looked at them. "I'm Mandie Hughes, and why are you here?" Mandi ask. "We here to do your makeup sweetie the lady said. They came in the house and took her to her room. While Mandi went to go get her makeup over, Casey went to go find Daesung. He was in the basement working on a new song. She saw his hair hanging over his eyes like always. She really like Daesung, he must of heard her because he turn around. He looked at her, "Hey whats up?" He asked. She walked closer to him and sat down with him. He push his hair out of his eyes. She could see his loveable eyes. "Are you sure your not coming to the ball with us?" She asked. He shook his head, "I'm okay I like being here." He said. "But your going to be all by yourself." She said worry. He looked at her and smiled. "You go have fun, I been to those before I just want rest." He said. As they was looking in each other's eyes, Bri came down stairs. "OMG come look at Mandi." She said excited. They look at her then each other. When they got up stairs, they saw everybody standing in front of Mandi. She had her back to them. When she turn around she saw her, Casey felt tears welled up in her eyes as she watch Mandie be so beautiful. Aimee couldn't stop crying, she could believe the little girl she use to help raise is growing up. She look at all of her sisters and couldn't believe that they are growing up. She start to think about her mother. She know her mother would be happy to see this day. Everybody turn to Aimee as she crying. "Aww Unni don't cry." Mandi said as she walked over to her. No matter what she couldn't stop crying. Neicy sat down and look at her, "Don't worry we won't leave you." Neicy said. "Come on y'all need to take a picture." Daesung said. They all nods their head, Dae took out a camera, "Come on get close." He said. The girls moved closer, they smile big. Dae took the picture. "This on beautiful picture of y'all." He said. They all gather around him, to see the picture. While they was looking at the picture, they heard a car horn. Bri look out of the window. She scream, "OMG HE GAVES US A LIMOUSINE!!" She scream. They all went out to see the limousine. They all got their purses and went into the limousine. "Bye Dae see you when we coming back." Casey yelled as the limousine drove away.Daesung smiled and shut the door. He was happy the girls are going to have a good time. He was about to go back down stairs when he heard something up stairs. He look up the stairs, and waited. When he heard the sound again, he went up stairs. The sound came out of Aimee bedroom. Aimee bedroom was the last bedroom down. She has the biggest room, and Neicy and Mandi have the second biggest. He walked slowly down the hall. He kept hearing footsteps in her room. He got closer to her room. He put his hand on the door knob, he turn its slowly. When he open on the door he was shock to see who it was. Taeyang turn around and looked at him. "Whats good bro." Taeyang said. Dae didn't wait a second he ran down the stairs. When he got down stairs that when he saw GD, Top, and Seungri. "Where you running to Dae?" Seungri said. Dae tried to turn around and run but Taeyang was standing there. "What you want?" He asked. GD laughed, "You know what we want." GD said. Seungri and Top grabbed Daesung and held him. "This will only hurt, only a second." GD said. Daesung tried to fight against them. He was able to hit Seungri and Top. The back off of him. Taeyang came in to grabbed him, but Daesung kicked him in the stomach. He ran down to the basement and lock his self there. He was trying to find a way to run away. He saw a window he could get out of. He packed his things and hurry to open the window. He heard them slamming the door. He couldn't get the window to open. By time he got the window open, they had broke the door. Daesung jumped and started to climb through the window. Before he could get his body through the window, Top grabbed his legs and pulled him throw him to the wall. He hit his head. It's started to bleed, he was looking at GD as he walked closer to him. "Why did you make it so hard on him." GD said. He lift them up and pulled his shirt to the side. He looked Dae the eye and made sure he saw him. "Welcome to the group bro." GD said as he bite him. Daesung let out a cry, he tried to fight GD off him, but he couldn't. His body became weak, as GD drinks his blood. He look at Taeyang, Top and Seungri as he was dying. He saw them smile at him. They was happy that's they friend was becoming like them. Everything around Dae started to fade away as GD taking his life. Aimee had asked then driver to take her back to the house because she left her phone at home. The driver nods his head, "Wait unni your not coming in?" Mandi asked. Aimee shook her head, "I'm coming I just have to go home and get my phone. Go have fun at the ball I'll be right back okay. So don't worry." She said. The driver turn the car around and took her back home. It didn't take long for her to get home. She got out of the car, and went in the house. Her phone was on the kitchen counter. When she got to the kitchen and grabbed her phone. She saw the basement door was broke in. She look at wondering what's happen. When she got to the broking door, she heard a cry coming from the basement. When went to see if Dae was okay. When she walked the stairs she say, Taeyang, Top and Seungri standing There watching something. When she come down a little further she saw GD on saw neck. She grasped, when she saw blood coming down his head. They all turn around and saw her. She became scared when she saw the bites marks on Dae, and how weak he was. But she was more scared when she saw Daesung blood dripping down GD mouth. He went back drinking saw blood. She saw Taeyang walking closer to her. His eyes a was a red color. She tried to run but Taeyang got to her first. Then he said. "I'm make you my wife today." He said in her ear, she tried to scream but Taeyang already had his fangs in her neck. She was thinking about the girls at the ball. She hoping that they are having a good time as she dying. The Ball is where she should had stayed. A tear fell down her face as she started to see her life flash be for her eyes.
The Bloodthirst
As GD went back to drinking Daesung blood. Dae saw Taeyang drinking from Aimee. He want to help her but couldn't. He watch as the girl that let him come in her house with her sisters die. He couldn't do anything, all he could do is watch. His heart started to break. He saw her body dropped to the floor when Taeyang was done. Taeyang got down and took her away. Dae tried to stay awake as he watch Aimee get taking away. As much as he wanted to stay awake, he couldn't. Everything started to fade away, the last thing his saw was GD bloody face. Mandi, Neicy, Casey, Michelle, and Bri, walked in the ball room, and saw so many people. Mandi felt sick to the bone. Neicy could see Mandi face, she grabbed Mandi hands. Mandi looked at Neicy and smiled. The people in ball room dress different then normal balls. Everybody had on black or a dark red outfit on. Mandi was looking around for GD, she was hoping that he will be here. He texted her and said that he was going to be late. All the people was looking at Mandi as she walked down the stairs. Bri was looking for Aimee, she kept look back at the door. "Where Aimee?" She asked. Casey turn to her, "She went to go get her phone." Casey said. Some guys came over to the girls and asked them for a hand to dance. Aimee woke up in a room, on a bed. She didn't have no clothes on, just her underwear. She was looking around trying to figure out what the hell happen. She looked over and saw her clothes on the floor. She got up and picked her clothes up. She sat on the bed, right when she was about to Taeyang came in. "What are you doing?" He asked. She jumped up and saw him. She grabbed the sharpest thing she could find and pointed at him. "What the hell did you do to me?" She asked angrily. He move closer to her, when she jerked with the sharp object in her hands, he moved even closer. "I made you my wife." He said taking the sharp object out of her hand. He move closer to her, he picks her up and place her on the bed. He lays her on her back. He gets on top if her, she looks deeply in to his eyes. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked softly. He didn't say anything, he just look at her. He brings his lips to hers. When he put his lips to hers, she start feeling this hot. He smiled at her, he stands up and take off his shirt. She can see his sexy body. He get back on top of her, and start kissing her passionately. "I'm make sweet love to you." He said softly. He went back kissing her, her body was calling to him. He was kissing her neck softly as he was moving down her body. She closed her eyes, and let out a soft moan. She was wonder how she got in to this. She felt so good but she want to stop. Something in her keep telling its okay. While Aimee had her eyes closer, she realize something was happening to her. Her body start to be pleasure, she open her eyes and saw that her and Taeyang is making love. Daesung was in a room, he could here somebody walking. He started to wake up. He look around the room and saw a chair and a sink. A women comes in the room. "Hello sexy." The girl says to him. He look up at the girl and saw its was Jin-Woo. "What are you doing here?" He asked Jin-Woo smiled at him, Waiting on feeding time." She said. She look at him and showed her fangs. He jumped up and looked at her. "What the Fuck." He said. "Oh come on Dae your a vampire now don't be afraid." She said. Laughing. He was confused, he didn't understand. "What you mean I'm a vampire?" He asked. "Yea GD turned you in to one." Dae got up and was in shock. He remember what had happen. When GD came in the room, Dae punch him in the face. GD step back and look at Dae. "What the Fuck bro?" He said. "What the Fuck did you do to me. I'm a fucking vampire?" Dae said. GD look at him and started to laugh. "Yea and it's almost feeding time." He said. Dae look at his best friend and wonder what the hell happen.The girls was dancing with some guys as they waited for Aimee and GD. Neicy look at Mandi and saw she was getting scared. "Mandi don't worry GD is coming for you." She said. Mandi was holding her hands and shaking. "I'm scared he won't show." Mandi said. Neicy hugged her and tried to calm her down. Bri came running to Mandi, "Look its GD." She pointed. They look at the stairs and saw GD coming down to her. "OMG Casey its Dae." Bri said. Casey look up And saw Dae walking down the steps with Top, and Seungri. She also saw a girl holding on to his arms. She became jealous, but when he saw her he let go of the girl arm and went to her. She hugged him, "I thought you wasn't coming?" She asked him. GD went to Mandi and hugged her, "Hey baby." He said to her. She blush so hard she thought her face could light up the room. He went behind her and held her from the back. A woman come our wearing all black and look like and Egyptian Queen crown. She stood at the balcony and began to speak, "Welcome my children on the night of the feast. We shall feed to awake Adam." She said. They girls look at each other and was confused. Neicy whisper to Casey, "What the hell are they talking about." She said. Casey just shrugs her shoulders. The lady in the black dress look at everybody in the crowd, "Its feeding time." She said with an evil smiled. Mandi was creepy out because she didn't see know buffet table. She turn around and look at GD to asked him what's going on. When she turn around, she saw his eyes change colors. Before she could asked what's is happening to him. He bit her on the neck. She screamed, Neicy turn and look at what the scream was about. She saw her sister being eating by GD. Then she saw people attacking other people. Neicy hit GD in the back of his head. He moved away from Mandi. She grabbed Mandi hands and ran. "Come girls let's get the hell out of here." The rest of the girls follow her. Casey grabbed Dae hand and started to run, but he pulled her back and bit her. Before Neicy could save her sister more vampires started to come toward them. Casey saw her sisters leaving as she being feed off of. She new Neicy was trying to save her others sister. Dae held her tight as he was drinking her life away. When the woman in black walked up to her. She smiled and said, "Welcome back my daughter." She feed Casey her blood. Casey tried not to swallow it but she couldn't help it. She felt her body wanting it. When Dae stop biting her, he moved back and she felt this blood thirst hungry in side of her. She lift her head as her eyes began to go a blue color. Her hair became longer, her nails extend and she lowered her head and began her bloodthirst.
The Awakening
Neicy hold on to Mandi hands as they walked down the dark halls. Mandi is bleeding from her neck. She is shaking from happen. Michelle is trying to calm down Bri. "Its okay Bri, Neicy is going to save us." Michelle said. Bri is still shaken, Neicy look back at Bri and hugs her. "Hold on to Michelle hands, okay." Neicy said. Bri is the youngest out of all of them. Neicy new if she could get out of here she could find Aimee. Casey turned in a hybrid, she looked at her long nails. When she looked at Dae she wonder why he do this to her. Dae had her blood dripping down his face. He was shocked that he did that to her. "Casey are you alright?" He asked. She looked him, he wasn't the Dae she knew. She hugged him, because she was scared. The woman in black that stood their in front of her, "Well look at my baby all grown up." She said. Casey look at her, something about this woman looks familiar. She couldn't put her mind to it. "So this is your soul mate." She said. "I don't know what you mean." Casey said. "I'll explained to you later." The woman said. Casey look around and saw people feeding on people she saw blood everywhere. She look over her left and saw GD standing there. He lifts his head with Mandi blood drinking down his face. He was smiling, he was happy that he bit her, now he can find her.Some people was still running the halls. This one guy saw a room, he took him and a friend in the room. "Come on in here, we'll be safe." He said to his friend. The other came in the room to. They didn't realize that's somebody was in the room. When they turn around, they saw a man and a woman making love. She was enjoying the feeling. When they tried to keep its quite, they bumped in the wall that's made a loud sound. Aimee had her eyes close as she was on top of Taeyang. She was moaning softly out her mouth. He was holding her hips as she moved the back and forth. She was in the moment, until she hard Some body making a noise. She and Taeyang turned their heads and saw the guys under the tablet. Aimee got off of Taeyang, and put her clothes on. She walked around the tablet and saw their was two boys who was hiding. She got down, "What wrong boys?" She asked. They looked at scared, "They out there killing people." One boy said. Aimee gave them her hand and helped them out. "What are yours names? How old are you boys?" She asked. They looked at each other, "I'm Eric, and he Kevin, and we are 20." Eric said. Aimee smiled at them and brought them over. They stop when they saw Taeyang buckle in his pants. He looked up at them and smiled, "What's up." He said. They boys wave their hands. Aimee look at Taeyang, then she walked up to them and kiss them. "I had always wanted brothers." Aimee said turning around to look at them. They smiled, not realizing what she met. Aimee walked up to Kevin and she hugged him, she smelled his hair. She didn't realize how hungry she was. She pull back his shirt and bit in to his neck. Kevin began to scream, Eric saw what Aimee was doing and tried to run. But before he could Taeyang grabbed and bit him. He screamed as he was dying. Aimee lifts her head and smiled, she didn't know blood could be this amazing. She went back draining Kevin. When the he was dead she dropped his body. She thought the blood was so good that she couldn't get enough. She licked her hands, she was sucking all the blood off her hands. Taeyang dropped Eric body on the floor. He turn around to face Aimee. When she was her husband bloody she rush and kiss him. She could taste Eric blood in his mouth. She love this taste as she kissing Taeyang. She was wondering when will be her next meal.Neicy and the girls are still walking down the hall. "When are we getting out of the this hell hole?" Michelle asked. "I don't know, plus I don't know where the hell we are." Neicy said. Mandi is still shaking, Neicy keep looking at her. "I'm not letting GD get to you Okay, if he wants you he'll have to kill me." Neicy said. The girls get to the end of the hall, and see more halls. Neicy began getting worried. "Which hall are we going doing Neicy?" Bri asked. Neicy shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know sweetie." She said to Bri. Michelle heard a sound behind her. She turn around and saw a person. She scream, Neicy turned around. Her eyes open wide, "Aimee is that you?" She asked. Aimee came out of the darkness. She was out of breathe, "Come on and follow me, we can't stand here like this." She said. The girls runs to her, they hug their sister. "Where have you been?" Michelle asked. "Taeyang is a vampire too, he took me." She said. "How did you get free?" Michelle asked. "I waited until he left and then I ran out." Aimee said. Neicy looked at her sister, she saw that Aimee is dress different the she was early. She also saw that Aimee was lying. Something is going down and she ain't waiting around to see it. "Come on this way." Aimee said. They followed her. She took them down a hall, there was a door. She open and it's was a really big room. It's had couches, living chairs, and a big round table. "Here we will be safe." Aimee said. They look around the room, Neicy felt that's something is about to happen. "I don't think we should stay here." Neicy said. The girls turn around and looked at her. "Why we have Unni we are safe now." Bri said. Right when Bri said that, Aimee came behind her and bit her. She screamed, all the girls turned to Aimee. They saw Aimee drained Bri. Her body dropped to floor, everybody became scared. "Unni why would you do that?!" Mandi yelled. Neicy grabbed Mandi and Michelle hands and ran out of the door. When they came out they saw a lot of vampires coming at them. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Michelle said. "Come on!" Neicy said grabbing her hands. "This ain't twilight, these suckers will eat you!" Neicy said. They ran down another hall, before they could get all the way down there, Top came out. Taeyang, Seungri, and GD was by his side. "Were are you going? The party had just started." Top said. Neicy took both girls hands and tried to run. GD got behind Mandi, "I wasn't don't doing want we started." GD said. He put her head to the side and bit her. She called out to Neicy, "Neicy HELP!!!" She cried. Neicy tried to help Mandi but she knew that she had to save Michelle. She looked at Mandi one more time, she saw Mandi struggling in GD arms. He was draining her life and she couldn't do anything. She grabbed Michelle and ran. She cried knowing that she left Mandi.Mandi watch as Neicy ran away with Michelle. She knew that Neicy wanted to save both but she knew if she tried to save her all of them would be dead. Mandi cried, as she felt her life was fading away. Neicy and Michelle ran as fast as they could. They ran until they was at the end of the hall. When they got there, they saw that they was in the ball room again. They saw so many dead bodies. Neicy let go of Michelle hand, she went to look for Casey. Neicy look all around the ball room, but couldn't find her. Then she heard a scream, she turn around and saw Casey holding Michelle by the throat. "Hello sister." She said. Neicy look at her sister and saw that she looked different. Her hair was longer, she had long nails. Her face was pale as Bella off of twilight. "Put down Michelle and come get me." Neicy said. Michelle laughed still holding Michelle. "I'm not going to come after you sweetie." She said. "Why not? If you going to drink her blood, then drink mines." Neicy said. Michelle just looked at her, "So dear can't do that." Casey said. "Neicy run get out of here!" Michelle said. Neicy shook her head and walked up to Casey. "If you don't put her down I will kill you." Neicy said. Casey smile and put Michelle down. But before Michelle could run to Neicy, she grabbed her, and bit her. Neicy ran to Casey and punch her. Casey let go of Michelle, she dropped to the floor. Neicy went to Michelle, "Are you okay?" Neicy asked. "Look out Neicy!" Michelle screamed. Neicy look behind her and saw a fist hit her in her face. "Stop the fucking cat fight." A woman said walking down the stairs. Neicy looked at the woman. She saw it was the woman she saw early. The woman that cause all of the shit. Neicy stood up, "Who the fuck is you?" Neicy said. "She our biological mother." Casey said. Neicy looked at the woman and saw something familiar with her. "This bitch ain't my mom, my mom is dead!" Neicy yelled angrily. The woman laughed, "Oh she has my temper." She said. As the woman walked down the stairs closer to her. She. Touch Neicy face gently, but Neicy pull away. "Get the fuck away from me, you crazy bitch." Neicy said. The woman smile. Neicy looked in her cold blue eyes, and started to moved back. She bumped in to a mad, that was standing there. He was tall, with a short cute hair styles. His has muscle stood out in the suit he had on. His eyes was looking at him. He look like he was mix with Korean, and black. "Hello there." He said with a deep voice. He an English accent. Neicy looked at him, she remember him. When she tried to put her mind to it she realize who he was. "Hello baby." He said with a smile. His teeth was white and straight. "D-dad?" She called him. "Yes baby." He said with a deep voice. She begun to cry, as she started to remember him. He held her, "I told you I will always come back to you." He said.Top came out of the halls, and saw what going on. He walked to the man holding Neicy. The guy look he about 18 years old. But when you look in his eyes you could tell he was older. Top walked over to them and bowed to him. The guy stop holding Neicy and looked at Top, "Hello so your the one is the one for my daughter." He said. Top shook his, "Yes sir, I am." Top said. "Well my name is Adam and this woman here with cold blue is my ex-wife Akasha." Adam said. "I know who she is." Top said look at Akasha. Top look at Neicy he knew he was the one to awake her up. He going to be married to her. The Awakening is his doing.
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